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Specialist Suppliers to Film, Theatre, T.V. Living History and Re-Enactors




We are MG-Props, the largest supplier of ModelGuns and modelgun accessories, magazines, cartridges, slings, silencers, tactical gear..

Check out this months arrivals,  WWII German FG42 Type II,  WWII German MP44 (firing version) Mauser 98K Rifle, WWII German MP41, M1 Carbine,  Ruger AC556,  M16+M203 Launcher, XM177E2 Commando, XM177E2 Kit version,XM177+Quad RIS, M60 LMG, Factory UZI 9mm, MAD MAX, Shotgun, Thompson M1A1, Winchester 1873 Saddle Carbine, M31RS Riot Shotgun, 1911 Combat Elite .45ACP, 1911 Combat Commander .38,  M1991A1, M1991A1 Commander, 1911 Colt Officer .45ACP, M1911A1 Argentine Model, Metal Mauser  M712, M712 Carbine, H&K USP Evo, M1911A1 Remington Rand, .45ACP, M1911A1 US. Army,  M1911A1 US&S, Browning Hi-Power Military, Remington 1875,  Derringer 41RF, Derringer .22 Magnum, Walther PPK/S,  M29 6in, M19 6in,  M29 Magnum 6in, Colt Python 6in, Colt Python 2.5in. Variety of M19 / M29 S&W .44 Magnum,  Magnums in 2in, 4in and 6in barrel versions, .357 Peacemaker, Colt Detective, S&W Police Positive and a variety of pistols with hand made custom screw on silencers. Not forgetting you wild west fans out there including Winchester M73 Saddle Carbine, Octagon M73 Randal Custom. Keep coming back as the website is updated daily or email with your request.

New Arrivals for October 2018:

WWII German FG42 Type II      WWII German MP44 (firing version)      WWII German Mauser 98K Rifle      M16A2 C.Q.B

Ruger Mini-14 Government Rifle      UZI 9mm with Wood Stock      WWII M1911A1 U.S.&S      WWII M1911A1 Ithaca    S&W M39 9mm

M1991A1 Series 80 .45ACP       M1991A1 Commander ,45ACP      Dirty Harry .44 Magnum      Colt S.A.A. 45 Artillery

Colt S.A.A. .45 Civilian      XM177E2 Commando      Winchester 1873 Saddle Carbine      M31RS2 LAW Pump Action Shotgun

Mauser M712      Colt S.A.A. .45 Cavalry      M16A1 Assault Rifle      M79 `Blooper`      Mini WWII Sten MKII      Baby Nambu

Colt XM177E2 Commando Kit      MAC11 Full Set


Tanaka / Hudson Revolvers : black, stainless and Bisley models, Enfield No2MkI, Colt Python 6in, .44 Magnum 8 3/8in,  44 Magnum 6in

Assault Rifles:

M16A1, XM177E2, XM177+M203 launcher,  M16A2, M655 Carbine,  M4A1 RIS Carbine, M4 C.Q.B




Ruger Mini 14 Government, Mauser 98 B,  M2 Carbine,  M712 C96 carbine,  M712, Winchester M73 Saddle Carbine


MAC11, MAC11 Full Set, Skorpion Vz61


M31 RS2 Law Enforcement Shotgun,  M31 RS2 Pistol grip version

We also supply full range of accessories from slings, grips, spare cartridges, real look cartridges, silencers, magazines, tactical gear, spare parts.

Shell Ejecting Blowback Modelguns with Real Gun Actions!

Function, fieldstrip like the real thing only cannot be converted to fire real ammunition or fire a forward projectile

Welcome to MG-Props (www.mg-props.co.uk) for new and rare modelguns from makers such as MGC (Model Gun Company),  Shoei,  Hudson, Marushin, Tanaka Works, CMC....check out the above links for new and rare blowback replicas including:  Assault Rifles   SMG's    Rifles    Pistols  Revolvers and Shotguns  all modelguns sold in accordance with the UK VCRA (applies to 18yrs+ living in the UK).

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email: hello@mg-props.co.uk

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