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Abs Heavy-Weight Revolvers

Colt Navy

51Navy Revolver Carbine 61Navy

265 GBP  /  $395 USD  /  310 Euro  TEMP-OUT


Colt 51Navy


This is a superb replica of the Colt M1851 Navy.

Made from heavyweight abs & zinc alloy parts has a metal look and cold to the touch.

In new/unfired condition. Includes, 24 percussion containers for which a 5mm cap fits in (loud bang!) PFC caps not included

No visible makers name,  only COLT.

Open Barrel

Strips down like the real thing !

UK Customers:  This is VCRA Exempt.

We ship internationally.  Any questions please let us know:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

PFC Primer caps:   11.00  / 8.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are needed to make the bang and smoke!

Brief info on the COLT 51Navy

Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver

In 1850, Colt began manufacturing a .36 caliber, 6-shot revolver that would continue to be produced for the next twenty-three years - the Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver. During that span, 215, 348 pistols were produced in Hartford, Connecticut and 42,000 were produced in London, England, a total production of more than a quarter of a million revolvers!. This model was carried by Robert E. Lee as the Confederate Commanding General.

Colt Navy Revolvers were the favourite sidearms of dozens of historical figures during it's production life, including John Singleton Mosby, Wild Bill Hichcock as the Sheriff of Abilene and Buffalo Bill Cody. Numerous variations of the Navy revolver exist, and most of today's reproductions copy the design of the Second and Third Model Colt Navy Revolver. The second Model had a small, round trigger guard, and the third had a larger round trigger guard.

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