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385 GBP  /  $485 USD  /  445 Euros SOLD

Rare: Western Arms


Survival Rifle


Rare Western Arms  :   Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer Survival Rifle

Very rare to find these especially with original box

In very good condition throughout (a few minor scuff marks) appears unfired !!  Serial Number: A113155

Includes: Original box, copy of original instructions,  1x Box (8) Western Arms .22 reusable blowback cartridges unfired.

All works exactly as it should.  Photos above of actua

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing.
     Weight with empty magazine approx:  760g
     Barrel Length approx. 16in

       Magazine capacity: 8+1

     Power:  5mm PFC cap Blowback.  - Open barrel for venting
     Materials:  Heavyweight Abs+metal internal parts (trigger mechanism)

     Firing Mode:  Semiautomatic 

We ship internationally . Please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

PFC Primer caps:    9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are required to make the bang and smoke.

Brief information on the Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer

The AR-7 Explorer is a semi-automatic firearm in .22 Long Rifle caliber developed from the AR-5 that was adopted by the U.S. Air Force as a pilot and aircrew survival weapon and has been the choice of U.S. Air Force pilots who need a small-caliber rifle they can count on should they have to punch out over a remote area.

Eugene Stoner designed the prototype of the AR-7 at ArmaLite in the late 1950s. Stoner is well known as the designer of the AR-15/M-16 series adopted by the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1963. The AR-7 was born in a program to design a survival arm for the USAF to arm pilots and other personal in survival situations.

Charter Arms manufactured the AR-7 from 1973 until 1990. They made the gun in a basic black colour and added a silver tone version, which they called the AR-7S. In 1986 a camouflage version was offered, called the AR-7C.

Assembly is easy and takes less than a minute. The receiver fits into a notch on the stock, which is slightly off-center. While some may initially consider it a design flaw, in reality the offset is necessary to accommodate the AR-7's components inside the stock. Attach the receiver to the stock, and tighten the setscrew until the receiver is firmly anchored. Then insert the barrel into the end of the receiver, making sure to align the post on the top of the barrel with the notch in the receiver. Next, screw on the barrel nut until it bottoms out against the receiver. Finally, insert the magazine. Now the action can be cycled to load a round.

The AR-7 uses a blowback semi-automatic action in .22 Long Rifle but retains the AR-5/MA-1 feature of storing the disassembled parts within the hollow stock, which is filled with plastic foam and capable of floating.[4][5] Like the bolt-action AR-5, the AR-7 was designed as a survival rifle for foraging small game for food. The AR-7 is constructed primarily of aluminium, with plastic for the stock, buttcap, and recoil spring guide. The bolt is steel. The original barrel was aluminum using a rifled steel liner; barrels of some production models have used all steel barrels, others have used barrels made of composite materials.[6] The AR-7 measures 35 inches overall when assembled. It disassembles to four sections (barrel, action, stock, and magazine), with three parts storing inside the plastic stock, measuring 16 inches long. The rifle weighs 2.5 pounds, light enough for convenient backpacking. The rear sight is a peep sight, which comes on a flat metal blade with an aperture (in later production two different size apertures available by removing and flipping the rear sight), and is adjustable for elevation (up-down). The front sight is adjustable for windage (side-to-side). Accuracy is sufficient for hunting small game at ranges to 50 yards.

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