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275 GBP  /  $325 USD  / 310 Euros SOLD


 Ingram MAC11 Full Set

Black - Heavyweight with Screw on Metal Silencer


MGC Ingram MAC11 Full Set with Metal Screw on Silencer

In very good condition, very light firing use   

MAC11 (Black Heavyweight) with Cobray snake marking

Includes: Original box/instructions. carry strap, 5 light use MGC 9mm blowback cartridges, 32rd magazine,  MGC metal Screw on M11 Silencer

Selective Fire Mode: Semi & Full Auto  : Made from heavyweight abs and metal parts  this will empty a mag in seconds (just like the real thing) with sparks and smoke out the barrel and brass cartridges flying everywhere!!  (see videos below).   Would make  a great Theatre or Movie prop gun.

Can be field stripped like the real thing !

Weight approx. 1.2kg  : with silencer / empty magazine

We ship internationally, please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

MGC Mac11 Videos

    M11 Full auto   M11 Dark firing   2x M11's   M11 Suppressed   M11 Full Auto    


 PFC Primer caps:   11.00  / 9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are what makes the bang and smoke and ejects the cartridges as seen in the videos above,

Spare 32rd magazines:     25.95 /  19.95

Spare 16rd magazines    21.95 / 16.95

Spare cartridges:    2.45 / 1.95 each

MAC11 380 Auto Real Look Bullets:    Eight real look / size blowback cartridges:   28.85 / 19.95


MAC11 Shoulder Holster:   50.85 / 34.95

     Also available in Olive Drab :      Full shoulder holster harness for MAC11

Double (16rd) Magazine Hip Belt Carrier:   27.99 Euro  / 23.95       Fits to a belt (magazines not included). In good condition.

Lockable Aluminium Storage / Carry Case:   30.45 /  22.95

    Great for storing or safe transport. Foam lined and lockable.


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