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Mauser Pistols


Marushin ALL METAL:



All metal Marushin Mauser Schnellfeuer M712

Very nice metal Mauser M712. Includes five brand new 7.63mm brass blowback cartridges (reusable),  original instructions for maintenance and strip-down and 1 box of PFC caps. No original box.  Made around 1997 as part of the Metal Marushin kit series.

In very good condition, appears unfired.   Originally gold this has been polished to a high chrome mirror finish (could be blued as well).

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing
     Caliber:  7.63mm Blowback brass cartridges - Reusable    -  5 included more available.
     Weight:   1.2Kg

     Magazine capacity:  10

     Power:  7mm PFC cap Blowback
     Firing Mode:  Semi & Full automatic

Brief note on using the Mauser M712

One of the few pistols that can fire on full automatic.
Single or automatic fire is obtained at will by the simple motion of a switch (change over lever) located on the left hand side of the body. The switch is locked in its working positions by a spring stud which prevents accidental derangement. When the pointer of the switch is opposite letter N on body, the arm is in semi automatic (single fire) adjustment, requiring a fresh pull of the trigger for each shot. Releasing switch by pressing in stud and turning until pointer is opposite letter R, the adjustment changes to full automatic delivering a burst so long as trigger is held back, quick release of trigger stops the fire, thereby enabling the delivery of short bursts at will.


Mauser M712 Wood Stock Holster

    Wood stock Holster  110 GBP:   Click here for more photos of wood stock holster

Reproduction Mauser holster with 20rd bandolier.  

24.95 Rare: Marushin 20rd long magazines         

1.85 each Extra 7.63 cartridges

2.85 Stripper clips

Accessories available with sales or after sales of M712





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