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Mauser Rifles

Mauser K98 K98 (light use) Mauser G33/40 Mauser 98b Mauser Sport Rifle



Very Rare CMC

German WWII Mauser G33/40

Mountain Troop Carbine

All metal with real wood stock FIRING version


Very Rare CMC: WWII German Mauser G33/40 Mountain Troop Carbine

Made in the mid 1980's. In good condition as you can see from photos above.  Appears to have had little use. Note carrier bolt is in excellent condition. Internally appears unfired! Correct markings. Very rare like the original!!

Includes:  Original box, copy of original instructions, carry sling, 1x stripper clip, 5x CMC 7.92mm Firing cartridges in very good condition.  Cartridges take 1x 5mm PFC primer cap (not included)

Operates just like the real thing,  working 3 position safety (winged safety lever works like the real thing),  adjustable sight, rotating sliding bolt. Load the five metal 7.92mm firing cartridges into integral box magazine, cycle the bolt to load first round into the breach pull trigger detonates the primer/cap (vents smoke out the barrel), pull bolt back,  eject `spent` cartridge, push rotating bolt forward and load next round into the breach and so on.

Functions, Field-strips like the real thing !

Construction:  All metal with real wood stock.

Action:  Manually operated, rotating bolt

Open barrel for venting smoke

Magazine capacity: 5 rounds in integral box magazine

We ship internationally.  Any questions please let us know :  sales@mg-props.co.uk

PFC Primer caps:   €11.00  / £9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are what makes the bang and smoke


Brief information on the G33/40

The G33/40 Carbine was made by the excellent Czech factory at Brno under German occupation (between 1940 and 1942). It was essentially a copy of the Czech vz.33 carbine, and was specifically issued to the Gebirgstruppen (mountain troops). It is easily distinguished from a typical Mauser by a couple characteristics: a shorter barrel (19.4″ compared to the K98k’s 24″) and a protective metal plate on the left side of the buttstock.

The “G” in G33/40 stands for Gewehr, i.e. rifle in English. Barrel length for G33/40 is 19.6 inches with nominal weight of 7.9 pounds. G33/40s are carbines in fact.

What else makes a G33/40 so special? One thing is its origins: G33/40’s were not made in Germany. They were produced at the huge arms producing complex in Brno, Czechoslovakia, a country under German domination at the time. Another specific was its purpose for issue to German “Gebirgstruppen” or mountain troops. Because it would likely be used as a “walking stick” on icy slopes, the left side of its buttstock was given a sheet steel protector plate.

These carbines were also issued to the Luftwaffe’s Fallschirmjäger/ paratroops. Of course, given German practice, these were dropped in separate cannisters with other weapons larger than the MP38/40, pistol, and knife.

Here are some specifics about G33/40’s. They carried the basic Mauser Model 98’s internal box magazine with 5-round capacity. Sights consist of a mere blade front with open rear graduated to 1,000 meters. There is no provision for windage adjustment save for drifting the front sight in its dovetailIt was issued to Alpine ski troops. It fired the exact same 7.92mm round, and had the same Mauser 98 action

In a most unusual feature, since the rifle would likely be used as a“walking stick” on icy slopes, the left side of its buttstock was given a sheet steel protector plate

During the Nazi era in Germany the Wehrmacht did not put manufacturers’ names on weapons. Instead they were given codes consisting of numbers and/or letters plus the year of production. When first devised, G33/40’s were marked “945,” and most if not all of those were dated 1940. Soon thereafter the code was changed to “dot” with the year

Caliber: 7.92x57 mm
Action: manually operated, rotating bolt
Barrel length: 19.6in
Weight: 7.9 pounds
Magazine capacity: 5 rounds in integral box magazine


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