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What are Blowback Modelguns?



Blowback Model Guns are full size working high detailed replicas.   Sometimes referred to as shell ejecting blank fire replicas because they load, cycle and eject a `spent` round just like a real gun does.   These type of replicas are ideal for film, theatre, living history / re-enactors,  museum or training/ instruction purposes as every replicas functions and most fieldstrips exactly like the real thing.

Most model gun replicas work, function and operate EXACTLY like the real thing (except they do not fire a forward projectile) which makes them completely safe to use and own.  No license is required to purchase or own. These are like the type of replicas seen in movies which looks like real bullets are being fired, with  shells ejecting flying through the air, barrel smoke, everything you get from a real gun in action except no forward projectile is fired which makes them completely safe.

These replicas use a PFC cartridge known as a : Plug Fire Cartridge (PFC), these are made from brass and reusable.  For Blowback action the cartridge is loaded with a special charge/ cap (PFC cap).  The cap produces the action if you like, the bang,  smokeand ejects the shell(s) all which gives a realistic full cycle effect from chambering to firing a model gun cartridge.

Model Guns not are not as loud as  8/9mm blank firers but operate, fire (semi & full auto) and strip-down exactly like the real thing which makes Model Guns so interesting for the gun enthusiast.  Each model gun has a different cycle fire rates similar to real guns this is because the internals of Model Guns are also built similar to the real gun which gives almost identical cycle rate.    Model Guns do not use a standard size cartridge (like 8/9mm blank firers),  Model Guns use different calibre model gun cartridges depending on the model gun in question.  For instance a Marushin Uzi uses a 9mm cartridges whereas a Marushin M16 uses a Marushin 5.56mm cartridges.  Size and shape is similar to real cartridges. The above is just to give you the gist of what blowback (PFC) model guns are about. On some of the pages there are videos of the guns in action which will probably give you an even better understanding how these work

About us and what we do:

First and foremost we are modelgun enthusiast.  We have many years experience handling and working with and on Modelguns as it has been our hobby and passion.  You will probably see on site that a lot of the Model guns we sell  (new and used) are modified and tuned by our expert team. This so you receive the best firing and most consistent Model gun for weekly or daily use giving you the absolute best experience. Don't forget to check out our video page, all videos made by ourselves of the guns we provide.

Please note:  Blowback Model Guns are replica guns. They cannot chamber or fire live ammunition or be converted to fire/chamber live ammunition.  No licence is required to own these shell ejecting blowback replicas. For UK customers we sell in strict accordance with the VCR-Act.  UK customers please see more details about UK law here :  UK-VCRA

Due to their nature and realistic appearance they should absolutely NOT be carried in a public place. These replicas are not toys and sold only to over 18's   Lets keep Model Guns safe and for the enthusiast .

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