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WWII German SMG's  and Assault Rifles

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In-Production : Expected Release December 2023


WWII German Mkb42(H)

Dummy Cartridge version


Limited production:  Shoei Mkb42(H)

Very small production was released and no longer available from Shoei.

This one (photos above) is in new / unused condition exactly as left Shoei.

Each Shoei Mkb42(H) has its own unique serial number.  This one is : 0117 as stamped on the receiver, barrel and carrier bolt.

All metal with real wood stock,   another superb museum quality model gun from Shoei.

Functions, fires,  field strips exactly like the real thing

Includes original box /instructions, leather carry sling,  2x stripper clips,  10x 7.92mm dummy `bullets` that can be fully cycled and ejected,  30rd magazine, magazine fast charger and full field-strip instructions.

Everything on the Shoei Mkb42(H) operates exactly like it does on a real Mkb42(H)

You can load the magazine, chamber and manually eject the real size/look dummy bullets.

Bayonet lug (real bayonet fits the Shoei Mkb42(H)

Weight:   5.2 Kilograms   :   Real thing 5.2 Kilograms

Spare Magazines :    64.85 / 56.95 eachReal MP44/Mkb42(H) magazines can be used with the Shoei Mkb42(H)

Real look bullets (5) :  33.25  / 24.95  per box. includes stripper clip (in stock)

Reproduction MP44 / 98K sling :     36.25 / 26.95      

Extra cartridges and magazines available with sales or after sales.

Superb quality, indistinguishable from the real thing,   ideal for collectors, re-enactors, museum, living history, film or theatre

We ship to internationally.  Please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief info on the Mkb42(H)

This weapon, known as a worlds first assault rifle, was developed in Hitlers' Germany during the World War Two. Initial development took place under the designation of MKb.42 - MachinenKarabine, 1942. The experimental MKb's were developed by two German companies, Karl Walther (MKb.42(W)) and C.G.Haenel (MKb.42(H)). Both guns were intended as a replacement for submachine guns, bolt action rifles and, partly, light machineguns for front troops. Both guns were designed to fire intermediate (between rifle and pistol) cartridge, and have effective range of 600 meters or so. The 7.92mm Kurz cartridge, developed by Polte company, propelled 8.1 g (125 grains) bullet to roughly 680 meters per second.

After initial trials the MKb.42(H), designed by Hugo Schmeisser, was found superior of two, and further development took place under the name of MP-43 (MachinenPistole, 1943, to avoid Hitlers opposition to made anything but SMGs). Some MP-43s were issued to troops at western front, and field reports were very promising. Final version appeared under the designation of Mp-44, and then Hitler finally approved it, but the new gun received also a new designation - SturmGevehr-44, which stands for no more than "Assault Rifle" in german language. This was pure act of propaganda, but the name stuck not only to that gun, but to the whole new class of automatic weapons, designed to fire intermediate cartridges. Total number of MP-43s, MP-44s and StG.44s produced was about 500 000, and these guns proved itself as very effective,


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