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Modelgun Videos

Welcome to our video page and see our modelguns in action !

Just a small example of some of our guns in action

We have may years experience in getting the very best out of Modelguns hence why all our Modelguns are modified and tuned by ourselves.

Modified / tuned for great semi / full auto firing action ! !  Exactly as you would receive when purchased from us

Sparks from model guns can be `turned on or off`` through the PFC powder you use.

For example the two videos below of the MGC Sterling MKV are using non sparking powder, the other videos mainly using sparking type

  MGC Military (1921)Thompson   MGC68 MP40   MGC Sterling  (using none sparkle PFC caps)   MGC Sterling  (using sparkle PFC caps)  
  CMC Thompson M1A1   Nakata MP40 (using PFC sparkle caps)   Nakata MP40 (using none sparkle PFC caps)   MGC Sten MKIII  
  Hudson Sten MKII   Hudson M3A1 Video   Hudson Thompson M1A1 (full auto)   Hudson Thompson M1A1 (Burst fire)  
  MGC WWII Thompson   MGC WWII Thompson (custom)   MGC Tommy Gun   Our Modified Marushin MP40  
  Video above of our `tuned` Marushin M16A1 (Burst and full auto video)   Marushin Colt XM177E2 Commando video (modified/tuned by our expert team)   Hudson AK47 (modified/tuned by our expert team)   MGC M4A1 Carbine  
  U.S. Military MGC M4A1 Carbine   MGC M4A1+M203   MGC Colt M16A2 Carbine   Uzi 2xtimes tuned, modified by us  
  UZI Full-Auto   MGC MAC11   KSC: Beretta M93R   MGC Beretta M96FS  
  MGC Colt 1911   MGC V10 Ultra Compact .45   MGC: M31 RS2 Riot shotgun   Tanaka Works: M1897 Trench Gun  
  Hudson: Mad Max Shotgun   Hudson Colt S.A.A. .45   Hudson Colt S.A.A. .45 x2   Hudson:  WWII M1 Garand (dummy bullet version)  
  M72 Law Launcher   Kokusai .44 Dirty Harry   Kokusai .38 Special   MGC Luger P08  
  Marushin EnfieldNo2MkI*   40mm Grenade `Slug`   40mm Smoke effect grenade   MGC: M31 RS2 Riot shotgun  
  Tanaka: AC556 Assault Rifle   MGC Scoped M4          

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