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445 GBP  /  $680 USD  /  645 Euro Temp-Out

Temporary out of stock

Fully working RMV replica:


All metal and wood construction

Limited - Stock



Real RPG-7 in action



Limited numbers:  Brand new limited production metal with wood stock replica:  RPG-7B

RPG-7 Specs:
Construction:  All metal with real wood heat shield and bakerlite style grips, abs dummy rocket warhead
Working trigger mechanism with safety and authentic markings
Can fire a 40mm gas charge projectile 50+ metres (video coming soon)  Takes a 40mm moscart gas filled grenade / slug or nerf rockets
Weight approx.  4.5kg
Lift up sights (rear adjustable)
Optic scope mount  (real Russian RPG-7 optics can be fitted)
Full size working replica: Very realistic as  close as you will come to the real thing!

UK customers. The RPG-7 is VCRA exempt.  You have to be 18yrs old or over to purchase.

USA Customers:  We have shipped these to the U.S. with no problems at all.

Any questions: sales@mg-props.co.uk

We ship internationally.  Please ask for a shipping quote

Spare Dummy RPG-7 Rocket:     34.95 GBP / 44.00 Euros /  $54.95 USD

40mm Gas Grenades: 

40mm Grenade `Slug`:   Includes one reusable warhead (rubber or foam warhead option) (MadBull make) gas charged (gas not included) 50.75 /  44.95 GBP /  $79.55 USD : Has shooting range over 50 metres!

Reusable Warheads for 40mm Grenade Slug:  Available in Rubber   7.45 /  5.75 GBP per warhead : or Foam    6.35 /  4.95 GBP per warhead

40mm Prop-Grenade / Smoke effect grenade:     4 in 1 grenade by MadBull capable of being used as a smoke effect grenade (see video below). Can also fire paint balls, BB's and nerf nades. Has 6x more gas capacity then other grenades :  59.65  /  47.95 GBP  / $93.35 USD  For smoke effect fill grenade with baby powder

40mm Shower Grenade:  Gas grenade. Fires a shower of 36 6mm BB's (not included)  :  38.25 / 32.95 each

Coming soon... Nerf rockets

    40mm Grenade `Slug` Video     40mm smoke effect Grenade Video    


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