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Abs Heavy-Weight Revolvers

Colt S.A.A. .45 Wild West

S.A.A Sheriff Peacemaker Civilian Peacmaker Artillery Peacemaker Cavalry BuntLine Special Civilian Nickel Nickel Civilian Nickel SAA .45 5 1/2in Nickel Artillery Cavalry Nickel Civilian+Pearl Grips Artillery+Pearl Grips S.A.A.45 CAW Artillery S.A.A .45 Cavalry Rampant Cavalry FastDraw Special Fastdraw Special nickel Colt Bisley 4 3/4in Colt Bisley 5 1/2in Colt Bisley 7 1/2in Colt Bisley .455 Eley S.A.A. .357 Civilian S.A.A. Frontier Tanaka Cavalry Nickel 7in Tanaka Ranger Artillery B-Grade Cavalry B-Grade FastDraw Custom HWS Artillery Wyatt Earp Revolver Texas Paterson



 Colt Bisley S.A.A .455 Eley Flattop

7 1/2in barrel


Hudson: COLT BISLEY S.A.A. .455 Eley Flattop

Brand new. Includes box/instructions six .Hudson .455 brass cartridges (reusable).

Operates just like the real thing!!  has open barrel for venting (see video on site) looks great !

     Hudson:  Bisley .455 Eley Single Action Army Revolver
     Heavyweight Solid Frame With Low Hammer, Wider Spur and Trigger.  Longer and Firmer Grip
     Weight loaded Approx:  855g

      Construction:  Heavyweight abs and zinc alloy parts

     Power:  7mm PFC cap. 

      Barrel Length:  7 1/2 inches

      Operates and strips down like the real thing!
      Full Colt Bisley / ELEY markings

UK Customers, this item is VCRA Exempt.

We ship internationally with full online tracking of your order.   Please ask for a shipping quote :  sales@mg-props.co.uk


Hudson:  Colt S.A.A. .45 Firing Cartridges:   18.25  /  12.60 per box     (cartridge take 1x 7mm cap)

Hudson:  Colt S.A.A. .45 Dummy Bullets:  Six real look dummy bullets :  33.25  /  22.95 per box   Great for displaying on their own or in the Dummy Bullet Cylinder

Hudson:  Colt S.A.A .45 Dummy Bullet Cylinder:  34.45  /  23.95   Dummy Bullet Cylinder, great for displaying your S.A.A. .45   (dummy bullets not included)

S.A.A. .45 Real Look Dummy Bullets:  Six real look dummy bullets : 33.25  /  22.95    Real look Colt .45 bullets with correct marking,  great for display with your S.A.A. .45

Hudson S.A.A.  .45 Gun Belt + Holster:  Real leather gun belt + holster : 114.95  /  85.95    38inch waist. Gun belts holds 30 bullets.  (Dummy bullets and revolver not included)

Peacemaker Pearl Grips :  56.35 / 38.95


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