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325 GBP  /  $400 USD  /  375 Euros SOLD


Beretta M12s 9mm SMG

MGC Beretta M12s Video


MGC Beretta M12s 9mm

MGC Beretta M12 9mm submachine gun.

Made in the 1980's.   In very good condition for year, appears unfired !!

Includes : Original instructions, Carry sling,  5x unfired MGC M12s 9mm blowback cartridges and 32rd magazine.  No original box.

Select fire (semi and full auto) with working safety.

Metal folding stock (please see video above of a MGC Beretta M12s 9mm in action).

Photos above of actual Beretta M12s for sale.

    Functions, fires, strips down exactly like the original.
    Selective Fire: Semi and Full automatic
    Weight:  Approx  1.7Kg (unloaded).  2 Kilogram loaded
    Magazine Capacity:    32 rounds   (MGC 9mm blowback)
    Folding Metal Stock, folds out exactly like the real thing
    32 round metal magazine.

    Construction:  Heavyweight MGC abs and metal parts (stock, some internal parts, magazine)

    Cocks, loads, fire, ejects exactly like the real thing


We ship internationally.  Any questions please let us know:  sales@mg-props.co.uk


PFC Primer caps:   9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are required to make the bang and smoke / automatically eject the 9mm blowback cartridges


MGC M12s 9mm reusable blowback cartridges:  2.10 each


Brief Note on the Beretta M12s

Submachinegun Beretta mod.12 was developed in 1959 by Pietro Beretta Spa., Italy. Later, the variant 12s was developed. Mod.12 and 12s had been adopted by Italian army, Carabineri, and by some other military and police agencies around the world.

The Beretta PM 12S sub-machine gun is a 9 mm Parabellum blowback weapon which has both semi-automatic and full-automatic fire capabilities.
The telescopic bolt, which encloses the barrel (200 mm long) for three quarters of its length, makes the weapon very compact and reduces to a minimum the upward movement of the muzzle during firing.
The front grip, the magazine housing, the trigger guard with firing device and manual and automatic safety devices are all in a one-piece assembly and are integral parts of the receiver.
The selector device allows for an easy selection of three positions, namely: "manual safety" (S), "single shot" (1), "full automatic fire" (R), without any need for removing the hand from the grip.
The automatic safety, which locks the trigger and the bolt in its closed position, safeguards from accidental firing if the gun is dropped and precludes firing if the grip is not firmly held.

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