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Beretta M9 Beretta M9 Silver M9 Two Tone M9 U.S. Military Desert Storm M92 M92FS Italian M92F Silver M92F Two Tone Beretta M96FS M9 Evo Dolphin 9mm Dolphin 9mm Silver M93R Beretta Auto9 Beretta M84 Beretta M84s Beretta M1934

210 GBP  /  $300 USD  /  240 Euros  SOLD



Cal. 40S&W

Super Black Heavyweight  -  Official Beretta Blowback Replica

MGC Beretta M96FS video


Rare MGC Beretta M96FS  Cal. 40S&W

In new condition, unused / unfired.  Includes Original box, instructions, 6x MGC 40S&W blowback cartridges.

This is a superb heavyweight blowback model gun that is virtually the same weight as the real thing!,  with real size 40S&W cartridges. This is also an official licensed Beretta replica with only Beretta markings and logos.  Each Beretta has its own unique serial number.

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing.
     Caliber:   MGC 40S&W real size Blowback heavyweight cartridges - reusable    -  6 included more available.
     Weight approx: 807g    -    Loaded 922g      ( Real thing 940g)   

       Capacity:  11

     Power:  7mm PFC cap Blowback.  

     Open Barrel

     Materials:  Heavyweight shock resistant  abs, xinc alloy parts

     Firing Mechanism:  P.U . short recoil /  CP-HW blowback system

     Firing Mode:  Semiautomatic
     Official Licensed Beretta Blowback Replica

Any questions:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

We ship internationally.  Please ask for a shipping quote


PFC Primer caps:   11.00  / 8.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)

Spare cartridges:      2.70 / 2.10 each

Spare magazines:    23.25 / 16.95 each

Eight real look / size 40S&W Blowback Cartridges:    28.95 / 21.95

Look like real bullets with40S&W markings (great for display) but can also be fired in your MGC Beretta M96FS model gun (uses 7mm PFC cap)

.40S&W Ammo Box:   10.85 / 8.50  Plastic container for 40S&W rounds (real looks or blowback)  Keep your ammo neatly stored       Holds 50rds

Real Gun Grips:   43.45 /  29.95 Pachmayr real gun grips:


Tactical Leg Holster (right leg) with magazine holder:  30.45 /  22.95

Nylon Black Holster:   23.10 / 15.95


Holster + Spare Magazine Holder:   34.75 / 23.95

Shoulder Holster:   27.45 / 18.95


Leg Holster (right side):   27.45 / 18.95

U.S. Property storage / carry case:   27.45 / 18.95


For most pistols / revolvers

SILENCER:   41.95 / 28.95


Metal (light alloy) silencer for Beretta M9/ M92FS / M96FS / M84 / M93R Beretta's

Lockable Aluminium Storage / Carry Case:   30.45 /  22.95

    Great for storing or safe transport. Foam lined and lockable.

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