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Abs Heavy-Weight Revolvers

Colt S.A.A. .45 Wild West

S.A.A Sheriff Peacemaker Civilian Peacmaker Artillery Peacemaker Cavalry BuntLine Special Civilian Nickel Nickel Civilian Nickel SAA .45 5 1/2in Nickel Artillery Cavalry Nickel Civilian+Pearl Grips Artillery+Pearl Grips S.A.A.45 CAW Artillery S.A.A .45 Cavalry Rampant Cavalry FastDraw Special Fastdraw Special nickel Colt Bisley 4 3/4in Colt Bisley 5 1/2in Colt Bisley 7 1/2in Colt Bisley .455 Eley S.A.A. .357 Civilian S.A.A. Frontier Tanaka Cavalry Nickel 7in Tanaka Ranger Artillery B-Grade Cavalry B-Grade FastDraw Custom HWS Artillery Wyatt Earp Revolver Texas Paterson

225 GBP  /  $270 USD  /  265 Euros SOLD



7 1/2in barrel version


S.A.A. .45 Bisley Video

  OPTIONAL: Dummy Bullet Heads:  £28.95.  Fixes onto end of cylinder                

Hudson: COLT BISLEY S.A.A. .45 (7 1/2in barrel version)

In unfired condition.  Includes original box/instructions six .Hudson Colt .45 brass cartridges (reusable).

Operates just like the real thing!!  has open barrel for venting (see video above) looks great !

     Hudson: COLT Bisley .45 Single Action Army Revolver
     Heavyweight Solid Frame With Low Hammer, Wider Spur and Trigger.  Longer and Firmer Grip
     Weight loaded Approx:  855g

      Construction:  Heavyweight abs and zinc alloy parts

     Power:  7mm PFC cap. 

      Barrel Length:  7 1/2 inches

      Operates and strips down like the real thing!
      Full Colt markings

We ship internationally with full online tracking of your order.   Please ask for a shipping quote :  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief info on the COLT BISLEY .45

Introduced in 1894, Colt's "Bisley Model" was named after the Bisley shooting range in England. Most of the famous frontier personalities include, but are certainly not limited to, famous lawmen such as Wyatt Earp as well as outlaws like Frank James (Jesse James Brother). Plenty of other frontier notables and gunfighters, such as Judge Roy Bean the Texas Rangers, soldiers, turned the workhorse into an American legend.

Over the years, the revolver was given nicknames such as “Equalizer,” “thumb-buster,” “plow handle,” “hog-leg,” and “Peacemaker. and many an ear listened as an old-timer repeated,

“Fear no man regardless of his size . . . pull me, and I will equalize,” or “Judge Colt and his jury of six.”


Hudson:  Colt S.A.A. .45 Firing Cartridges:   €18.25  /  £12.60 per box     (cartridge take 1x 7mm cap)

Hudson:  Colt S.A.A. .45 Dummy Bullets:  Six real look dummy bullets :  €33.25  /  £22.95 per box   Great for displaying on their own or in the Dummy Bullet Cylinder

Hudson:  Colt S.A.A .45 Dummy Bullet Cylinder:  €34.45  /  £23.95   Dummy Bullet Cylinder, great for displaying your S.A.A. .45   (dummy bullets not included)

S.A.A. .45 Real Look Dummy Bullets:  Six real look dummy bullets : €33.25  /  £22.95    Real look Colt .45 bullets with correct marking,  great for display with your S.A.A. .45

Hudson S.A.A.  .45 Gun Belt + Holster:  Real leather gun belt + holster : €114.95  /  £85.95    38inch waist. Gun belts holds 30 bullets.  (Dummy bullets and revolver not included)

Peacemaker Pearl Grips :  €56.35 / £38.95


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