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CAR-15 Commando Vietnam Weapons

295 GBP  /  $410 USD  /  345 Euros SOLD

Rare All Metal MGC:




MGC CAR-15 Commando - Vietnam

All metal (except pistol grip and handguard).

Made July 1980.

Non retractable stock.

On these early MGC assault rifles the internals were not like the real thing

Operates like the real thing,  semi auto fire, full auto and working safety.

Early blowback firing model (none PFC).  Sold as working display model

Includes 4x original blowback cartridges which can be manually cycled and ejected.

Two real .223 dummy bullets for topping off the magazine for display purposes

Includes,  1x MGC 30rd magazine, 4x reusable blowback cartridges (none PFC), 2x real look .223 dummy bullets (for display).

Very heavy !

Weight  :   4.2 Kilograms  (loaded)

           3.8 Kilograms  (unloaded)

Brief Info on the CAR-15 Commando

The first carbine version of the M16 assault rifle appeared under the name of CAR-15 in 1965, an was intended for US Special Forces who fought in Vietnam. but was promoted by Colt's as a weapon for Helicopter, Tank, and APC crews where space is a major consideration. This hard hitting little weapon that was loved and used extensively by Special Forces troops throughout the Vietnam war

 The original M16 was simply shortened by cutting the half of the length of the barrel (from original 20 inches to 10 inches) and by shortening the buttstock by another 3 inches. The butt was plastic and retractable, the handguards were of triangular shape and the flash hider was of original three-prong type. Based on the original CAR-15, Colt quickly developed the CAR-15 Air Force Survival Rifle, intended, as a name implied, to serve to downed airplane and helicopter pilots. This version had tubular handguards and metallic tubular buttstock, and for some reasons the pistol grip was shortened.


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