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Thompson SMG's


WWII M1A1 WWII M1A1 Military WWII Thompson WWII M1A1 Thomp1928A1 WWII Tommy Gun Rare WWII M1A1 Military/Chicago Rare Military1921 Gangster TommyGun Chicago Tommy Gun

545 GBP  /  $680 USD  /  635 Euros


 Chicago Gangster Tommy Gun

Click above photo to activate video of one of our tuned MGC Thompson firing

MGC CHICAGO `Gangster` Tommy gun

Made by MGC in Feburary 1986.  In very good condition for year with appears no fire use

Internally / externally In very good condition. 

Carrier bolt and drum magazine in very good condition (please see photos above)

Includes: Original box,  original instructions,  Drum magazine and 10x Unfired . 45ACP reusable blowback cartridges.

Photos above of actual Tommy gun for sale. Fully tuned by our expert team for excellent consistent firing.

Fully constructed of metal and wood, there is no plastic whatsoever anywhere. The Thompson will operate exactly like the real thing in every way, such as :Knurled Actuator Knob (cocking handle). safety selector, selectable fire: single and Full auto, loading, ejection of rounds, magazine loading/ removal, locking ,adjustable lift up sights, ect.   Functions exactly like the real thing!

This is a very hefty, weighs in around 5.5Kg and that is unloaded!!

Functions Fires (Semi & Full auto),   Exactly like the real thing.

Pre-tuned by our experts for superb semi and full auto firing ! !

No longer produced and getting hard to come by ! !

We ship internationally.  Any questions :  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Full list of accessories below.


PFC Primer caps:   9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are needed to make the bang, smoke and power to eject the cartridges

.45ACP Blowback blank cartridges :   2.20  each   (cartridges are reusable) 

.45ACP Lightweight/ Mild kick blowback cartridges:  3.20 each (reusable / takes 1x PFC primer cap). 

These are a new design / light weight. Less than half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge over a standard cartridge.

20rd Magazine :      25.95 each

30rd Magazine :      29.95 each

Drum Magazine  :  75.00 each        39rds

Reproduction Thompson  slings :  21.95 each       

Heavy duty nylon slings Black or  Green (olive drab)   :  16.95 each      

Chicago Vertical Wood Grip :   38.95 :   (includes fixing screw)

Eight real look / size .45ACP Blowback cartridges:    21.95 each

         Look like real bullets with .45 markings (great for display) but can also be fired in your .45ACP Thompson (uses 7mm PFC cap)

Eight real look / size .45ACP Dummy Bullets:     21.95 each

       Look like real bullets with .45ACP markings (great for display)

Ammo Boxes:  Plastic ammo container for .45ACP  (real looks or blowback).  Keep your ammo neatly stored 8.45   (Holds 50rds)     

Front sight without Cutts Compensator:  16.95  


The St. Valentine's Times Day Massacre

Valentine's Day 1929, Chicago. Valentine's Day occurs at an odd time of the year considering the aspect of the celebration. The day we see lots of heart-shaped cards, banners, and candy. A celebration of our mates, or the day we attempt to win the heart of one.

In Chicago, it was breezy, and very chilly at -8C. The people were in place. The lookouts watched over the area, the men masquerading as police were ready to go. The lookouts reported they saw "Bugs" Moran enter the garage. The plan went into action. A police car drives up to the garage and witnesses alerted to the siren hurry to their windows. They see four men get out. Two policemen and two in plain clothes. They enter the garage and walk quickly through a corridor and announce that everyone is under arrest. With their lives only moments from ending, the seven men are confused and non-resistant to the 'police'. Present are Frank and Peter Gusenberg, Adam Heyer, James Clark, John May, A.R. Weinshank, and Dr. R. Schwimmer. Dr. Schwimmer, is the only innocent of the seven men. It is still a matter of historical debate as to Schwimmer's reasons for being at the garage that day. It is generally assumed he was a friend or relative of one the Moran gang. Whatever the reasons for his appearance, it could not have been on a worse occasion. Instead, it was Moran's lucky delay that spared him his life.

After the noise of shouting and ordering the men against the wall, there was a brief silence. A silence like a hollow, and echoing clicks. With the terrified men realising, now, it will soon be very loud, but for a moment for only them. The massacre began. With a loud crack the shotguns burst, the Tommy guns spat with ear-splitting ceaseless cracks of their own. It seemed an eternity of noise. Then a brief quiet. The gunmen now approached their victims and stood above them to make sure they would not live. They shot them where they lay, negotiating the shots by the living reflexes still present within their bodies.

The men then left. As curious onlookers watched, they saw two policemen, apparently 'arresting' two other men. They then got into the police car and drove away. McGurn, careful to keep his whereabouts above suspicion, was delighted at the result. But the job was not a complete success, "Bugs" Moran had lived.

When the real police arrived, they discovered a carnage not seen since the beginnings of the Jazz Age. Witnesses appeared confused. They couldn't distinguish at what point the police arrived and departed. In fact, they ended up not seeing anyone except the police. The seeds of confusions and conflicting accounts was to lead to a very difficult investigation.

The murders instantly brought national and even world attention. It was an outrage for the members of enforcement officers. Who take it quite personal when a criminal will disguise themselves as police officer. It was believed early on that the police shot the men at the garage. This was simply not the case. Although it was perhaps not intended, the police ended up looking as though they were being framed.

McGurn had what he wanted, a clean annihilation of the chance of an open and shut case. Capone was immediately suspected of involvement, but was safely away on holiday in Florida during the time of the murders. McGurn himself acquired an alibi of being nowhere near the scene, spending all day with his girlfriend.

While the massacre was unsuccessful for the intention of assassinating Moran, the Moran gang never did recover from the incident to capacity it had. It stopped the growth of Moran's interests. In the end, he eventually lived out the rest of his days in prison.

Ultimately, not one person was convicted for the murders on St. Valentines Day. However, fate played its justice on the main players of the massacre. McGurn was shot by gunmen in bowling alley on the eve of St. Valentines Day 1936 (it was a Thursday). Anselmi and Scalise ultimately died at the hands of Al Capone, in the infamous 'baseball bat' incident as dramatised in "The Untouchables" with Robert De Niro as Capone.

Al Capone was a wonder of the age. It should be pointed out that Capone was the 'generous' gangster. He actually helped build Cicero and Chicago projects, gave to the needy, helped the elderly, and was great with kids. While he may have consciously did this for improving his image, he did try to be an active member of the community. He liked sports, baseball, boxing, and horse racing. He gave away a lot of his ill-gotten gains, and it was part of the defence for his tax evasion trial. But Capone ultimately went to prison for tax evasion, and died in 1947 from complications arising from syphilis.


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