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Abs Heavy-Weight Revolvers


EnfieldNo2Mk1 Police EnfieldNo2Mk1 EnfieldNo2MK1 Iron EnfieldNo2MKI* EnfieldNo2 Nickel

210 GBP  /  $270 USD  /  245 Euro SOLD


Enfield No.2 MKI Star Revolver

Heavyweight - With Real Wood Grips

Marushin EnfieldNo2MKI* video

Marushin: WWII Enfield No 2 MKI Star Revolver - Excellent Heavyweight model with Real Wood Grips

In brand new condition.   Including original box, instructions,  6x Marushin .38 cal cartridges (reusable)

double action revolver

Made from Heavy Weight abs and metal parts

Weight approx 600 grams

Open barrel for venting smoke and sparks

Enfield No.2 Mark 1 were developed in the late 1930s for British Tank Corps throughout WWII and later by the British, Canadian and Australian armies

We ship internationally, please email for a quote or any questions:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief info on the Enfield No2 MKI*

The vast majority of Enfield No 2 Mk I revolvers were modified to Mk I* during WWII, generally as they came in for repair or general maintenance; the official explanation of the change to the Mk I* version was that the Tank Corps had complained the spur on the hammer was catching on protrusions inside tanks, but most historians nowadays believe that the real reason was that the Mk I* version was cheaper and faster to manufacture. The No 2 Mk I* is at least as accurate as any other service pistol of its time in normal short-range combat situations, because of the relatively light double action trigger pull.

The Enfield No 2 is very fast to reload—as are all British top-break revolvers—because of its automatic ejector, which simultaneously removes all six cases from the cylinder. A modern speedloader designed for Smith & Wesson K-Frame revolvers will function with any of the British .38/200 top-break revolvers, further speeding reloading.
British combat experience during WWII with the .38/200 Enfield revolvers during WWII seemed to confirm that, for the average soldier, the Enfield No. 2 Mk I could be used far more effectively than the bulkier and heavier .455 calibre Webley revolvers that had been issued during WWII.

PFC Primer caps:   €11.00  / £8.50 per box  1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are what makes the bang and smoke !

Extra Cartridges:   €2.65 / £1.95 each

Lockable Aluminium Storage / Carry Case:   €30.45 /  £22.95

    Great for storing or safe transport. Foam lined and lockable.

U.S. Property storage / carry case:   €27.45 / £18.95

  For most pistols / revolvers


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