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WWII German SMG's  and Assault Rifles

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1,185 GBP  /  $1,545 USD  /  1,335 Euros  SOLD


WWII German FG42

Fallschirmjagergewehr 42

Type II


Superb museum quality fully field strippable German WWII FG42 Type II Paratroop rifle by highly rated maker Shoei.

Functions, fires,  filed strips exactly like the real thing. 

In used condition, please see photos above.  all works great!!  Includes leather carry sling,  5x dummy cartridges that can be fully cycled on semi or full automatic.  20rd magazine,  bayonet. No original box.  Serial No.  00227

Weight:   4.5 Kilograms   :   Real thing 4.5 Kilograms

Magazine Capacity:  20rds

Select fire:  Semi and Full Automatic

Construction:  Metal with real wood stock and for grip.

Limited production was made and no longer available. 

Each Shoei FG42 Type II has its own unique serial number.

Spare Magazines: 44.95 each

Spare Cartridges 5 including stripper clip :  26.95

Spare magazines and cartridges to order

We ship internationally. Please ask:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief Info on the FG42

The Fallschirmjagergewehr 42 (FG42), or Paratrooper Rifle Model 1942, was one of the most advanced weapons to see service during the Second World War.  It was designed specifically with the perceived needs of airborne forces for a lightweight, high firepower weapon with which to overwhelm the enemy during an airborne assault.

German paratroop units were, unlike their allied counterparts, were not part of the army (Wehrmacht).  Rather, they were a specific province of the German air force, the Luftwaffe.  These elite Luftwaffe formations were originally provided with the same K98k bolt action carbine, MG34/MG42 machineguns, and MP38/MP40 submachineguns as regular infantry formations.  Early combat experiences in World War Two indicated that these weapons were not well suited to the needs and exigencies of airborne assaults.  Consequently, the Reichluftsfahrtministerium (RLM), or Reich Air Ministry specified a requirement for a long-range, selective fire rifle that would act as a general purpose shoulder arm, replacing the bolt action rifle, submachinegun and light machinegun.  It was hoped that the single arm would simplify logistics while augmenting the individual paratrooper's firepower.

The FG42 was designed by Rheinmettal-Borsig for the Luftwaffe and introduced a number of features which were later copied on other firearms (most notably the U.S. M60 machinegun).  By firing from a closed bolt in semiautomatic mode and an open bolt in full automatic mode, it combined the best of both a rifle and a light machinegun.  Although it was made to fire the full-sized 7.92mm Mauser cartridge, felt recoil was reduced by the provision of an in-line stock, a muzzle brake, and an integral (albeit somewhat flimsy) bipod.  The bayonet was also built in and could be stored beneath the bipod, it's weight effectively helping to reduce muzzle climb.   Later models had wooden furniture and a more traditional pistol grip, as well as an improved muzzle brake.  The rifle was also designed to accept the ZF4 (Zielfernrohr 4-fach) and ZF42 telescopic sights.  These sights were nearly identical, both 4x, and were graduated from 100 to 800 meters in 50 meter increments, with a reticle consisting of a centre post with side bars.

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