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Browning Pistols

Inglis HiPower Browning FN1910 M1910 Browning FN1910 Browning Military

195 GBP  /  $235 USD  /  265 Euro

Metal YT:

Browning FN1910



Brand new metal YT Browning FN1910

Functions,  Fieldstrips exactly like the real thing. 

Weight approx:  700g

Includes:  Boxed with instructions, magazine, plus 5x reusable blowback cartridges and cartridge cleaning kit.

Fires reusable blowback cartridges (takes 7mm PFC cap),  new pre-loaded cartridge capsule and 1 shot disposable cartridges.

We ship internationally.  Any questions please ask away:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief info on Browning M1910

Model 1910 pistol had been developed by John M. Browning for Belgian company Fabrique Nationale (FN), Herstal. Model 1910 had been developed around two cartridges, also designed by Browning - the 7.65mm Browning, also known as .32ACP, which had been developed around 1900 for FN / Browning model 1900 pistol, and the 9mm Browning Short (9x17mm), also known as .380ACP, which, in turn, had been developed about 1908 for Colt / Browning model 1908 pistol.

Between two World Wars these pistols became very popular across Europe as a police, military and self-defence guns. It is well-known also that the First World War was started by the Browning m1910 pistol, which had been used in 1914 to assasinate the Archduke Ferdinand.

Technically, both m 1910 and m 1922 (also known as model 1910/22), are blowback operated semi-automatic pistols. The recoil spring is located around the barrel, the trigger is of single action type and the gun is striker-fired. Both models featured three safeties - magazine safety (which blocks the firing when magazine is removed), automatic grip safety and manual, frame mounted safety.

PFC Primer caps:   11.00  / 8.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are what makes the bang, smoke and creates the blowback to eject the shell

Spare Reusable blowback cartridges:    2.70 / 1.85 each  (cartridges can be fired many times over, just replace the PFC primer cap)

Spare Magazine:   18.95 /  16.95 each

1 shot disposable cartridges:   0.49 /  0.36p each

Lockable Aluminium Storage / Carry Case:  30.45 /  22.95    Great for storing or safe transport of your PPK/S. Foam lined and lockable.

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