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M16A2 Carbines

M16A2 Carbines

M16A2 Carbine M16A2 M725 M16A2 Kit M16A2 CQB M16A2+M203


Rare MGC

Colt M16A2 Carbine Kit


Video above of a MGC M16A2 Carbine in action


Rare MGC: Colt M16A2 Carbine (M725) Heavyweight Kit

Very rare opportunity to purchase new in the box self build M16A2 Carbine (heavyweight)

Includes: M16A2 Carbine kit with 10x brand new/unused MGC 5.56mm (.223) blowback cartridges (re-usable),  30rd magazine and copy of original build instructions.

Easy to build, only requires hammer, pliers and screw driver for building.

    Weight: approx. 2.4Kg   unloaded 

    Construction:  Heavyweight abs and metal parts.
    Full COLT Markings and logos
    Selective Fire:  Semi & Full auto fire + working safety.

     Open barrel for venting smoke

    10 blowback MGC 5.56mm blowback cartridges (reusable).
    30rd round metal magazine with colt markings on base of mag.

     2 position telescopic stock
    Plug Fire Cartridge Blowback system. (Shell ejecting replica) Functions, Fires, Operates exactly like the original, field strip and maintenance is the same procedure as you would for the real thing!

We ship internationally.  Any questions :  sales@mg-props.co.uk


PFC caps:  10.25 /  8.50 per box  ( 1 box contains 100 PFC caps) (MGC cartridges take 1x 7mm PFC cap per cartridge)

Blowback cartridges:   Cal.223 :   26.55 / 22.00 per box :  1x box contains 10x MGC cal.223 cartridges 

30rd Magazines:   38.50 32.95 each

Gun Oil:   5.85 / 3.95

Heavy duty nylon slings Black or  Green (olive drab)   : 21.65 / 16.95 each          

Real look .223 bullets:    Brand new : 4.25 /  2.95 each     :   Inert (used)  2.85 / 1.95      These are purely for display.  Look great for toping of your mag !

Real Look .223 Dummy Bullets with dummy firing pin:    32.90 / 22.95 Allows you to cycle and eject the real look dummy bullets (5 included) through the MGC M16A1/M16A2//XM177/M4A1 rifles

Ammo boxes:  (plastic).  Keep your ammo neatly stored :   10.75 / 8.95   Holds 50rds of cal .223 


Quad R.I.S. Rails:     120.00 / 95.00  Easy to fit Quad R.I.S. Rails with tactical vertical grip  (RIS M203 launchers listed below)

Z-Rail:  32.90 / 22.95 RIS / Weaver Multifunction Tactical 20mm rail. Fits on carry handle AR-15 (M4A1 /M16/XM177) For fitting scope, lights, laser.. example:

ACOG Scope:   68.95 / 58.00      Military ACOG  style scope (replica) with Red Dot brightness control (seven settings) + scope mount. Fits RIS rai / Z-Rail

Aimpoint Scope:   68.95/ 58.00        Military Aimpoint  style scope (replica) with Red Dot brightness control (five settings) + quick release scope mount.  Fits RIS Rail / Z-rail.

Holographic quick attack HUD rapid fire Scope:  51.45 /  38.95  Quick attack / rapid fire red dot scope. Holographic Head-Up-Display. Four selectable targeting reticles (selectable in green or red, example of two shown in photos above). 3 level brightness setting.  Built in integrated rail. Windage and elevation adjustment. Parallax corrected Reflex lens.

Tri-Rail Scope mount:  21.55 / 16.95  Single ring scope mount + 3 weaver rails for fitting flashlight, laser etc.. example with Aimpoint scope :

Visible Red Dot Laser sight:  28.65 / 22.95  Projects a visible red dot.  Pressure pad operated. A light squeeze of the pressure pad activates the laser, releasing pressure turns the laser off.  Red dot has 100metre+ range in the dark. Batteries and rail clamp included. Fits to RIS / weaver rail.  Example :

Visible Green laser sight:  69.85 / 54.95     Class IIIa Laser Product : Projects a visible green dot and in low light conditions visible green beam from rifle to target

Tactical Flash Light:  28.65 / 24.95  Can be used with the pressure pad (supplied) or without. With pressure pad. A light squeeze of the pressure pad activates the flashlight, releasing pressure turns the flashlight off.  Without pressure pad. Either a small twist of the end of the flashlight will switch it on or pressing the button on the rear of the flashlight to activate it.  Batteries and rail clamp included. Fits to RIS / weaver rail.  Example :   

Tactical  Magazine clamps:  13.85/  12.45       Holds two mags together for fast magazine changes.  Holds 20 or 30rd mags

QD (quick detach) metal silencer:   85.95 / 64.95  

Shell Catcher:   21.45 /  19.95          Like special forces use. The catcher velcro straps on to the M16 / AR15 rifles and has zip in the bottom to release the `spent` shells

Full Metal Quick Detach RIS M203 Launcher155 Euros / 125 GBP     Available with short or long barrel (photos of short barrel version)

Full Metal M203 Barrel Mounted Launcher:   155 Euros / 125 GBP   Available with short or long barrel (photos of short barrel version)



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