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Rare CMC


Winchester M1892 Rifle


Silver / Chrome Version

All metal with real wood stock / fore-grip / Front venting



Very Rare CMC: Winchester M-1892 Carbine - Rare Chrome Version


Made over 30 years ago by CMC and in excellent good condition for age.   Appears unfired !!

Includes:  Original box, 5x CMC Real look cal. 44-40 brass rounds (reusable).  Each cartridge takes 1x 7mm PFC cap (not included) for the bang and smoke.  


No longer produced and very hard to come by, especially this silver/chrome version with original box in this excellent condition.


All metal with real wood stock/  fore-grip.


Open barrel for venting.


This is a very nice `working` replica which cycles cal. 40-44 brass rounds (5 included) exactly the same way as the original


The brass blank rounds take a PFC cap for effects!! (not included / available below)


The Winchester feels and works great, weighs approx 2.6Kg and is made of metal with real wood stock, fore grip and has flip up adjustable sight


UK Customers, this is VCRA Exempt


Any questions: sales@mg-props.co.uk

We regularly ship internationally. Please ask for a shipping quote


PFC Primer caps:   9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are required to make the bang and smoke.


Brief info on the Winchester 1892 rifle


The Winchester Model 1892 rifle was designed as a replacement for the 1873. It incorporated a much stronger action than the earlier lever action firearms of the 1860's and 1870's. Although Winchester phased the Model 1892 out in the 1930's, the Model 1892 has continued to be popular with Cowboy Action Shooters and hunters

While earlier rifles and shotguns actually "Won the West", the majority of lever action rifles seen in classic Hollywood Westerns are 1892 Carbines. These were famously carried by John Wayne in dozens of films, Clint Eastwood in "Rawhide", Chuck Conners in "The Rifleman" and Steve McQueen in "Wanted: Dead or Alive"

  John Wayne in the film "The Searchers" holding a M-1892 Rifle

Design of the Model 1892 was wholly Winchester and featured a solid wooden walnut stock and matching forend. The receiver was metal and contained all of the major internal working components of the rifle. The hammer was set to the rear and identified by its visible spur with the trigger group below the receiver. The trigger was protected over in a rounded ring that connected to the all-important lever loop handle. It was this lever handle action that made Winchester rifles so popular - moving it downward cleared the firing chamber of any spent shell casings (ejecting them from the top of the receiver) and introduced a new shell from the tubular magazine held underneath the barrel. A loading gate cut out along the right side of the receiver easily allowed the operator access to reloading the spring-loaded magazine. The barrel was set within the body, above the tubular magazine. There was a rear graduated sight ahead of the receiver and a forward post just aft of the muzzle.

The Model 1892 appeared in different guises, each designed to fire either the .218 Bee, .25-20, .32-20, .38-40 or .44-40 cartridges. Additionally, each rifle featured varying barrel lengths (even rounded or octagonal) to match the corresponding cartridge to be fired. Magazine counts naturally varied somewhat between each models though the most basic Model 1892 form fitted up to 15 rounds. Many operators favoured Winchester rifles for their ability to fire the same ammunition as their pistols - meaning that a cowboy, trapper or stagecoach defender could take along his trusty rifle and pistol sidearm with only one supply of ammunition. In practice, the rifle proved a success thanks to her noted lightweight and manageable recoil as well as her robustness when in-the-field. The rifle proved just as easy-to-handle and equally easy-to-maintain with her highly regarded smooth lever-action.

The Model 1892, like other Winchester rifles, made something of a splash in many notable Hollywood productions. She served as the firearm of choice to "The Rifleman" with lead actor Chuck Connors and was held in high regard by characters as portrayed by Western star John Wayne. Winchester developed a 100th Anniversary John Wayne Commemorative Winchester Model 1892 Carbine as a collectible piece to discerning buyers.

Its use in The Rifleman bears note for the character utilized a modified Model 1892 made to fire directly from the movement of the lever-action - a set screw within the lever loop designed to come into contact with the trigger. This gave the character an amazingly fast rate-of-fire many times quicker than that of the quickest gunfighter on a draw (the cocking action and firing action were all, in essence, one action). To facilitate the action, the lever loop was decidedly enlarged for easier handling


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