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Western Rifles


M73 Winchester M73 Chrome 1866 Yellowboy M1892 Winchester M1892 Silver M73 Randal M73 Randal Custom



Very Rare MGC


Winchester M1866 YELLOWBOY


With Octagon barrel and real wood stock/grip





Very rare MGC: Winchester M-1866 Yellowboy rifle with octagon barrel


Made June 2000

In good condition, appears unfired.

Some minor scuff marks, Yellow finish has faded in some places on right side of receiver (please see photos above)


Includes: Real gun carry case, 1x box (5) MGC firing cal. 44-40 brass rounds (reusable).  Cartridges appear unfired.  No original box

Each cartridge takes 1x 7mm PFC cap (not included) for the bang and smoke.  


No longer produced and very hard to come by


The Winchester feels and works great, weighs approx 3.1Kg

Metal receiver with heavyweight ABS octagon barrel and real wood stock/  fore-grip and flip up adjustable sight


This is a very nice `working` replica which cycles reusable rounds (5 included) exactly the same way as the original


The brass blank rounds take a PFC cap for effects!! (not included / available below)


UK Customers, this is VCRA Exempt


Any questions: sales@mg-props.co.uk

We regularly ship internationally. Please ask for a shipping quote


PFC Primer caps:   €8.85  / £9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are required to make the bang and smoke.

The Winchester Model 1866, often called the “Yellowboy” because of its distinctive brass receiver was a refinement of the earlier Henry toggle-linkage action, but included several important improvements developed by Nelson King, the Winchester factory manager. These improvements included a closed magazine tube, a right side loading gate and a wooden forearm.

Several nations, including the Ottoman Empire and France made official or unofficial purchases of the Model 1866 for military purposes. It is reported that the Ottomans purchased 45,000 muskets and 5,000 carbines in 1870 and 1871 during the Siege of Plevna (1877), with the Russian army suffering huge loses in part due to their use of Winchester rifles. The age of the repeater had begun.


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