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M73 Winchester M73 Chrome 1866 Yellowboy M1892 Winchester M1892 Silver M73 Randal M73 Randal Custom

275 GBP  /  $315 USD  /  320  Euros SOLD


M73 Randal Custom

All metal with real wood stock

Above video of MGC Randal


MGC:  Winchester M73 Randal Custom

MGC M73 Randal Custom `Mares leg`

Made October 1981  Used / in very good working condition.   All works very well !

Includes: Copy of original instructions,  five MGC Cal 44 - 40 cartridges (in very good condition).  Photos above are of the actual M73 Randal for sale.

The MGC Randal is made of all metal with real wood stock and fore grip.

Handles and feels great with very nice cocking action.  Weighs in at approx. 2.2Kg

Operates like the real thing. You can cock the cocking level and pull the trigger and fire when ready or move the `selector` on the cocking handle so when you cock the level it automatically squeezes the trigger and fires the Randal..  i.e so you can rapid fire by just cocking the handle without having to pull the trigger to a really good effect!!

Length: 20 inches  /  510milimetres

PFC Primer caps:   8.85  / 9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are required to make the bang and smoke.

Extra MGC cal 44-40 cartridges:   22.95 GBP /  25.55 Euro per box  ( 1 box = 6 cartridges ) These are good working condition /  light use cartridges

We regularly ship internationally. Please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

UK Customers:  This is VCRA Exempt

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