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Thompson SMG's


WWII M1A1 WWII M1A1 Military WWII Thompson WWII M1A1 Thomp1928A1 WWII Tommy Gun Rare WWII M1A1 Military/Chicago Rare Military1921 Gangster TommyGun Chicago Tommy Gun


Rare MGC :

Military / Chicago Thompson


Click above photos to activate a video of MGC Thompson firing

 WWII Military Thompson


Chicago `Gangster` Tommy Gun


Always wanted a Military and Chicago Thompson.... Here it is two guns in one

Rare MGC:  WWII Military  /  Chicago Thompson Tommy Gun

Made July 1983 and in very good condition throughout  Appears unfired !! Carrier bolt shows no use and in excellent condition..

Includes original box/original instructions. 20rd stick magazine,  Drum magazine (very good condition),, 10x unused/unfired MGC .45ACP blowback cartridges (reusable), Horizontal and vertical wood grips.

All matching wood furniture.  Looks great !!  Photos above of actual Thompson for sale.

Fully constructed of metal and wood, there is no plastic whatsoever anywhere. The Thompson will operate exactly like the real thing in every way, such as :Knurled Actuator Knob (cocking handle). safety selector, selectable fire: single and Full auto, loading, ejection of rounds, magazine loading/ removal, locking ,adjustable lift up sights, ect.   Functions exactly like the real thing!

This is a very hefty, weighs in around 5.5Kg and that is unloaded!!

Functions Fires (Semi & Full auto),   Exactly like the real thing.

Pre-tuned by our experts for superb semi and full auto firing ! !

Check out the video above made by ourselves of one of these Thompson's in action!!

We ship internationally.  Please ask for shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk


PFC Primer caps:   11.00  / 9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are needed to make the bang, smoke and power to eject the cartridges

.45ACP Blowback blank cartridges :  2.70 / 2.20  each    (cartridges are reusable) 

.45ACP Lightweight/ Mild kick blowback cartridges:  3.80 / 3.20 each (reusable / takes 1x PFC primer cap). 

These are a new design / light weight. Less than half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge over a standard cartridge.

20rd Magazine :     31.75 /  25.95 each 

30rd Magazine :     37.65 /  29.95 each 

Drum Magazine  :  93.95 /  75.00 each        39rds

Reproduction Thompson  slings :  28.85 / 21.95 each       

Heavy duty nylon slings Black or  Green (olive drab)   : 21.65 / 16.95 each      

MGC Cutts Compensator   17.60 / 14.95   

Chicago Vertical Wood Grip :  53.45 /  38.95 :    (includes fixing screw)

Eight real look / size .45ACP Blowback cartridges:    28.85 / 21.95 each

         Look like real bullets with .45 markings (great for display) but can also be fired in your .45ACP Thompson (uses 7mm PFC cap)

Eight real look / size .45ACP Dummy Bullets:     28.85 / 21.95 each

       Look like real bullets with .45ACP markings (great for display)

Ammo Boxes:  Plastic ammo container for .45ACP  (real looks or blowback).  Keep your ammo neatly stored 10.75 /  8.45   (Holds 50rds)     

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