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Shell Ejecting Blowback Version

565 GBP  / $685 USD / 620 Euros  SOLD



Superb ! Hudson: USSR PPSH41

Includes:  six 7.62mm Hudson blowback cartridges

Weight loaded: 12lbs (5.4Kg)

Construction: Metal & Wood

Operation: Blowback Cartridge

Vents from chamber

Functions / fieldstrips exactly like the original.  A first class detailed WORKING replica of the PPSH-41


Hudson: WWII PPSH41 shell ejecting blowback replica.

Fires on Semi and Full Auto.  Field Strippable !

This is an extremely high quality `working` replica of the Soviet PPSH41. It is absolutely outstanding. It is same size, weight as the original.
Hudson make the finest replicas in the world. The PPSH41 is just fantastic. The photos above do not do it justice.

Fully constructed of metal and wood, there is no plastic whatsoever anywhere. The wood finish is absolutely outstanding!!

Weight 12lbs (5.4Kg)   Same weight as the original!

The Hudson PPSH41 operates exactly like the real thing It is engineered precisely like the original, and also operates like the original in every way, such as: Selective fire: Full-automatic and Semi-automatic. loading, ejection of rounds, magazine loading/ removal, locking. ect. A full magazine alone weighs in at 3.5lbs (1.55kg). Breakdown and fieldstrip is just like the original so detailed is the Hudson PPSH41.

One of the last PPSh41's to be made by Hudson. As close to brand new you can get. Very light use. Superb wood stock.  Fires latest Hudson 7.62mm blowback cartridges.    Includes original box, original instructions. Drum magazine, 6x brand new unfired Hudson 7.62mm blowback cartridges (reusable). The blowback cartridges are reusable and can be loaded with a PFC primer cap (optional). The PFC primer cap produces the bang, smoke and ejects the shell(s). Its a fantastic effect and all without an actual projectile being fired. A full magazine can be emptied in the same time as a real PPSH41 with `spent` rounds flying everywhere!!

The PPSH was designed by Georgiy Shaposhnikov in 1940 and was accepted to service by Red Army the same year.
Any one with an interest in WWII history who seen old footage of the Red Army retake Starlingrad or capture Berlin will have seen the Soviets using the PPSH41, it was the Red Armies main SMG and complete units were often armed with nothing else.

If you are a serious collector or re-enactor then this PPSH41 will not disappoint at all.
Probably the closest there is to the real thing in all aspects, function, detail, weight / feel, looks !

Brand new Spare Drum Magazine (42rds):     56.45 / 42.95

Spare 7.62mm blowback cartridges:   2.65 / 1.95 each

PPSH41 Sling:   18.45 / 16.90 each  in very good condition with correct leather straps.

We ship internationally. Please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Metal / Wood Stock Hudson PPSH41 Airsoft version

295 GBP  /  $465 USD  /  345 Euro   # 2

Hudson: WWII PPSH41 Airsoft version

Weight: 3.4Kg

Construction: Metal & Wood


Hudson PPSH41 (airsoft version)  is in very good condition.  Would make a great display piece or for a re-enactor. Looks and feels great! What you see is what you get.  No original box / instructions. Sold as seen.  All metal with real wood stock.

We ship internationally. Please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

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