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565 GBP  /  $690 USD  /  630 Euros

Fully working replica:


Gas Grenade Launcher

Limited Stock


Real RPG-7 in action



Limited numbers:  Brand new limited production, working replica:  RPG-7 with Russian markings and optics mount

RPG-7 Specs:
Construction: Main body is all metal, rear cover cover, grips and dummy rocket warhead hard polymer abs
Working trigger mechanism with safety and authentic markings
Can fire a 40mm gas charge projectile 50+ metre  Takes a 40mm moscart gas filled grenade / slug or nerf rockets
Weight approx.  4.4kg
Length:  950 mm (same as original)
Overall Length with warhead : 1350 mm (same as original)
Lift up sights (rear adjustable)
Optic scope mount  (real Russian RPG-7 optics can be fitted)
Dummy rocket warhead with integrated shot system.  Can fire from the rocket head or without
Full size working replica: Very realistic as  close as you will come to the real thing!

Can fire a 40mm airsoft grenade / nerf rocket / slug.   This RPG7 has dual function and capable of either firing direct out of the warhead or remove the warhead and fire direct from RPG7

Out the box assembly is very straight forward and just a matter of of attaching covers and trigger mechanism to main body via 5 clamp rings.  Should take less than 10 minutes and ready to go!

Any questions: sales@mg-props.co.uk

We ship internationally.  Please ask for a shipping quote

Spare Dummy RPG-7 Rocket:     (coming soon....)

40mm Gas Grenades: 

40mm Grenade `Slug`:   Includes one reusable warhead (rubber or foam warhead option) (MadBull make) gas charged (gas not included) 50.75 /  44.95 GBP /  $79.55 USD : Has shooting range over 50 metres!

Reusable Warheads for 40mm Grenade Slug:  Available in Rubber   7.45 /  5.75 GBP per warhead : or Foam    6.35 /  4.95 GBP per warhead

40mm Prop-Grenade / Smoke effect grenade:     4 in 1 grenade by MadBull capable of being used as a smoke effect grenade (see video below). Can also fire paint balls, BB's and nerf nades. Has 6x more gas capacity then other grenades :  59.65  /  47.95 GBP  / $93.35 USD  For smoke effect fill grenade with baby powder

40mm Shower Grenade:  Gas grenade. Fires a shower of 36 6mm BB's (not included)  :  38.25 / 32.95 each

Coming soon... Nerf rockets

    40mm Grenade `Slug` Video     40mm smoke effect Grenade Video    


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