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Skorpion Vz61

9mm SMG

All metal with real wood grips


Hudson: Skorpion Vz61 9mm SMG 

All metal with real wood grips. 

Made in the early 1980's and in very good condition for year (please see photos above).

Appears unfired.  Internally in excellent condition.

All works exactly as it should.  Looks great with real wood grips

Includes:  Original box, copy of original instructions, 5x Hudson 9mm reusable blowback cartridges in new / unfired condition

Rare chance to purchase a very nice Hudson Skorpion Vz61 in unfired condition!

     Functions, Fires, Field strips like the real thing.
     Caliber:  Hudson 9mm Blowback  cartridges - Reusable
     Weight:  1.4Kg

      Magazine capacity:  20 x  9mm rounds

     Power:  5mm PFC cap Blowback. 
     Construction: All Metal with real wood grips

     Firing Mode:   Semi & Full Automatic

PFC Primer caps:     9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are needed to make the bang and smoke!

9mm reusable blowback cartridges:     2.10 each  per cartridge (cartridges can be fired many times over, just replace the PFC primer cap)

We ship internationally.  Any questions please ask away:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief info on the Scorpion Vz61

The vz.61 Skorpion (vz. means "vzor" in Czech, or model in English) submachine gun was designed as a dual purpose weapon, intended to be used as an close combat assault weapon as well as a personal defence weapon, instead of the pistols. Small size makes this weapon very suitable for concealed carry or for use in confined space, such as cars or aircrafts, so this gun became popular among both police, security and counter-terror units, as well as among some terroristic groups.

This machine pistol is designed by Czech designer By M. Ribarzhem at the end of the 50th it is annual. After the adoption of "scorpion" to the armament in 1961 series production began at the plant "it was Czech Zbroyevka" and it was called the second CZ 61. Marking CZ they sometimes substitute to Vz. - reduction from the Czech "version". Since 1963 it was supplied to the Czech police and different army subdivisions.  

The ammunition is supplied by curve magazines directly before the departure. The magazine size of 10 or 20 shot refers again to the proximity to the selbstladepistole. With the switchover lever over the grasp the weapon is set secured (0), on single-shot fire (1) or to sustained fire (20) and released.

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