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WWII British Sten 9mm

Sten MKII Sten MKII+Silencer Sten MKIII Mini StenMKII




Special Forces Commando


With screw on silencer


Optional Barrel Heat Shroud


Optional Silencer Canvas Cover


VERY RARE Hudson : WWII Special Forces Commando metal Sten MKII (S) with screw on silencer

Rare opportunity to obtain a Hudson: British Commando Sten MKII(s) :  Includes: Original box/instructions,  32rd metal magazine, metal screw on silencer, five 9mm blowback cartridges (in excellent / new condition). Very rare!  Can only go up in price !!

Like the original the STEN MKII can be fired on either semi or full automatic. The effect is a real simulation of the STEN in action. The charge/cap (fits inside the cartridges) which produces the blowback action and ejects the shell(s). In real time this all happens very quickly and a full magazine can be discharged in the same time as the real STEN. Fieldstrips like the real thing !

In excellent condition / appears unfired and carrier bolt in new condition (please see photos above)

Construction : all metal.

Hudson Sten Mk2
Caliber: 9mm blowback cartridge
Weight approx.: 3.8Kg (loaded)
Magazine Capacity: 32 rounds.
Power: 7mm cap BLK (vents from chamber)

Firing Mechanism: Open bolt blow back system.
Firing modes: Select fire : Full automatic / Semi automatic.

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PFC Primer caps:    9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are needed to make the bang and eject the cartridge

Extra cartridges:    1.95 each

Extra Magazines:     21.95 each

9mm Double PFC Primer Cap blowback cartridges:    4.05 / 3.45 each (reusable / takes 2x PFC primer caps).  These are a new design / light weight. Half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more flash from the 2x PFC caps, kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge

9mm Lightweight/ Mild kick blowback cartridges:  3.80 / 3.20 each (reusable / takes 1x PFC primer cap).  These are a new design / light weight. Half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge over a standard cartridge.

Silencer canvas cover:     25.45/ 18.95  Kharki    or Dark brown  

Eight real look / size 9mm Blowback Cartridges:   28.95 / 21.95

  Look like real bullets with 9mm markings (great for display) but can also be fired in most 9mm model guns (uses 7mm PFC cap)

Eight real look / size 9mm Dummy Bullets:     28.85 / 21.95

Look like real bullets with 9mm markings (great for display)

9mm Ammo Box:    10.85 / 8.45

Plastic container for  (real looks or blowback) Keep your ammo neatly stored :  Holds 50rds

Slings:   18.95

   Genuine Sten MKII slings (used / good condition)

Brief info on the Sten MKII

The Sten MK (or Mark) II was the widely produced version of the popular British Sten series of submachine gun with over two million produced in just three years during the war. The Sten-series as a whole was based on the principle of cheap design and production - both affable factors during wartime production. The Sten was a no-frills weapon system and designed for close combat. The Mk II was a more refined version of the Mk I and built to be lighter and smaller than it's predecessor. The entire system was basically built around the tube barrel, with even the butt of the gun being simple bent tubing.

Operation of the weapon was smooth and the weapon was simple enough to break down quickly, which was important to special forces operatives and paratroopers alike. The 30 round magazine proved sufficient (though it was engineered to accept 32 total rounds, this was generally disregarded to protect from excessive wear and tear on the magazine spring).

Variants included the Sten Mk I, rarely seen but features a large muzzle compensator and forward grip. There was also a silenced version of the Mk II known as the Mk II(S) designed specifically for special forces commandos. The Sten Mk III was basically the Mk II but did not have the capability to be broken down as the Mk II did. The Sten Mk IVA and Mk IVB were designed but never entered production. The Sten Mk V and Mk VI were attempts to make the system more appealing to British troops by adding sights, a wooden butt and fixtures for bayonet mounting.

In all, the Mk II remained the King of the Sten submachine gun series during the Second World War and a favourite among British troops.

The Sten Mark II was possibly the most versatile of the several Sten models. The simple blow back bolt was not only simple but was a highly effective system for automatic fire. The Gun itself had a singular tube skeleton butt, a removable barrel and fixed sights. In addition, when mass-produced, the cost worked out at a very inexpensive 2.50 per gun. It would be employed in every theatre of war and was particularly favoured by the French Resistance Fighters because it could be easily dismantled and hidden away in a shopping basket or small suitcase. Another useful advantage for the Resistance movements was that the Sten had been designed to fire standard German 9mm ammunition, thus allowing captured enemy rounds to be employed without problem.

The Germans too were greatly impressed by the simplicity of the Sten, paying it the supreme compliment of copying the design and producing several hundred thousand of their own for use by their Volksturm (German Home Guard) to be used for guerilla operations against the conquering Russians. The Sten would remain in British Army service until the mid 1950s when it was finally superseded by the Sterling SMG.

Suppressed models

Mark IIS and Mark VIS models (sometimes recorded as 6(s)) were produced which incorporated an integral suppressor (silencer) . This would heat up rapidly when fired and a canvas cover was laced around the suppressor for some protection for the firer's supporting hand. The MkIIS was, as the name suggests, a suppressed version of the Mk II. Captured examples of the Sten Mk IIS in German service were designated MP.751(e).

The suppressed models were produced at the request of the Special operation Executive (SOE) for use on clandestine operations in occupied Europe, starting with the Mk. IIS in 1943. Due to their tendency to overheat, they were fired in short bursts or single shots.

Caption     Four British paratroopers with Sten sub-machineguns moving through a shell-damaged house in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands to which they had retreated after being driven out of Arnhem, 23 Sep 194
Photographer     D. M. Smith
Source     Imperial War Museum

A partisan with Sten Mk II smg,  France 1944 



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