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Submachine Guns



Very Rare MGC

Sterling MK V 9mm SMG


Video above our tuned MGC Sterling's in action ! 

(one using sparkle PFC caps the other none sparkle)


Very rare MGC Sterling MK-V  9mm SMG  (rare blowback - firing version)

Specially modified and tuned by ourselves to fire new type 9mm blowback cartridges (see videos above).  Works great and extremely reliable ! !

Includes: 10x brand new type 9mm blowback cartridges,  Original box (a bit tatty).

Last produced in the 1970's.  In very good condition throughout and kept it's original blueing.  Please see photos above.

All works exactly as it should, select fire :  (semi / full auto / safety)

Select fire : Semi & Full Auto.

Construction:   All metal with open straight through barrel for venting sparks and smoke.

Folding stock, unfolds / fold like the real thing

Functions fires, fieldstrips like the real thing

Note the is the rare blowback version and not the dummy none firing version that was made for the U.S. Market.

Fans of the Star Wars movies my also know that the Sterling was the base for the Blaster carried by the Stormtroopers.

Rarely do the firing blowback version of the MGC Sterlings come available... very rare.. be quick !

Extra 9mm (new type) blowback cartridges : 1.95 each

Magazines (genuine 34rd Sterling) for MGC sterling : 34.95

We ship internationally.  Any questions please fire away!  :   sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief info on Sterling SMG 9mm

Sterling is a relatively simple, but wery well made, blowback operated gun. The receiver and the barrel heat shield was made from steel tube, the bolt was machined, with fixed firing pin and four special ribs, designed to gather and remove the dust and fouling from the receiver. The curved magazine is inserted from the left side, spent cases are ejected to the right. The folding butt is made from stamped steel. Silenced version of the Sterling, officially labelled as L34A1, replaced in service the older STEN Mark 6 silenced.

The Sterling SMG deserved vvery high reputation along the troops due to extreme reliability and good accuracy.

The submachine gun was produced in the United Kingdom between 1953 and 1988. The weapon was manufactured at the Sterling Armament Company at Dagenham and at the Royal Ordnance Factory at Fazackerley. In Canada, a similar model was produced under license by the Canadian Arsenals Limited under the designation 9 mm C1 Sub-Machine Gun. In India, another licenseded weapon based on the L2A2 is still produced under the designation Sub-Machine Gun Carbine 9mm 1A1. The weapon is manufactured at Indian Ordnance Factories, Kanphur.

The weapon has served in approximately 90 countries in different numbers. Main purchasers have been Canada (under license), Ghana, India (under license), Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Tunisia, and some Arabian Gulf states. The L2A3 is no longer in service with the UK armed forces although the silenced version L3A4 is held as reserve weapon by the British army.

The submachine gun has a folding metal stock and the gun may be fired from either the shoulder with the stock extended, or from the hip with the stock folded under the barrel. The submachine gun is blowback operated and has a 34 round magazine which is mounted on the left side of the gun not underneath like most submachinegun design.

the L34A1 /Sterling Mk.5 silenced submachine gun, which is apparently still in limited use with certain special operations elements in British army.
Sterling submachine guns also were widely sold for export, more than 70 countries had purchased various quantities of Sterling submachine guns.
It must be noted that Sterling submachine guns were rather popular among British troops, because of relatively compact size, adequate firepower and acuracy and good reliability.


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