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UZI 9mm


UZI 9mm UZI 9mm Factory UZI 9mm Kit Uzi+Wood Stock

395 GBP  /  $490 USD  /  460 Euros

Rare Marushin:

UZI Submachine Gun 9mm

Self Build / Paint Kit Version


Rare Marushin: UZI 9mm Kit version

Superb chance to get your hands on what is practically almost a brand new Marushin Uzi 9mm !!

Last made in the 1980's and to come across one in unassembled kit form is very rare.  Just requires painting and building (paint not included). 

Building is very straight forward and includes original Marushin Uzi kit instruction manual and we included copy of the full English build instructions with step by step instructions diagrams and a 1:1 parts identifier for easy building.

Functions / Fires / Field Strips like the real thing!

Rare opportunity, don't miss!!

We ship internationally (USA / Europe) :  Please ask for a shipping quote or any questions please fire away!!  :  sales@mg-props.co.uk

    Weight: approx. 3Kg (loaded) Practically same as the real thing!!
    All Metal Construction (only pistol grips and trigger guard / magazine surround is abs).
    IMI and 9mm markings.  (IMI = Israeli Military Industries)
    Selective Fire:  Semi & Full auto fire / working safety.  
    5x Brand new 9mm PFC blowback brass cartridges (reusable).
    32 round metal magazine.

     Bayonet lug for attaching Uzi bayonet.    
    Plug Fire Cartridge Blowback system. (Shell ejecting replica) Functions, Fires, Operates exactly like the original, field strip and maintenance is the same procedure as you would for the original Uzi.

The cartridges are reusable and takes a PFC cap (PFC caps not included).  The PFC primer cap produces the blowback actions/  smoke and ejects the shells. In real time this all happens very quickly and a full magazine can be discharged in about the same time as the real thing!!    See our videos above of the Uzi in action. 

Brief Note on the UZI

The UZI an easily loaded compact gun proved accurate, reliable and efficient, and is now in the arsenals of armies, secret-service organizations, bodyguards and the like in a number of countries.
The Uzi fires a 9mm round from an open bolt, and incorporates a grip safety making accidental discharges from dropping a rarity. The Uzi utilized the pistol grip as the location for the Magazine (this was specifically designed to better allow soldiers under stress, and in the dark, to reload their weapons. The Theory that one hand can find the other without the operator having to focus on the task).

Selector settings:    D = Full Auto    E = Semi Fire    S = Safety


PFC Primer caps:   9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are what makes the bang and smoke and ejects the cartridges as seen in the videos above,

Extra 9mm blowback blank cartridges:   1.95 each

9mm Double PFC Primer Cap blowback cartridges:    3.45 each (reusable / takes 2x PFC primer caps).  These are a new design / light weight. Half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more flash from the 2x PFC caps, kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge

9mm Lightweight/ Mild kick blowback cartridges:  3.20 each (reusable / takes 1x PFC primer cap).  These are a new design / light weight. Half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge over a standard cartridge.

Israeli Uzi Carry sling :   24.95       (fits wood stock and metal folding stock)

Carry sling for Uzi :    18.95     

Genuine Israeli Wood Stock:  44.95   (genuine Israeli wood stock. good condition with quick release button).

Uzi holster / harness:  34.95 

9mm Real Look `Dummy` Bullets:  21.95  Eight real look / size 9mm Dummy bullets

  Look like real 9mm bullets with.9mm markings (great for display)

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