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Abs Heavy-Weight Revolvers 

.38 Specials

M36Special 2in .38 Special Ladysmith M10 FBI M10Military&Police M10 Snubnose M10 FBI Metal Look S&W M60 Silver M36 Chief Special M10M&P M64Military& Police S&W Victory (4in) M40 Centennial M49 2in 38s 3in 38s4in Colt Detective M37 Airweight

245 GBP  / $315 USD / 280 Euro  SOLD

Limited Edition: HWS

WWII S&W .38 Special Victory Model

With Real Wood Grips + Real look firing `Bullets`

Limited Edition


Limited Edition HWS:  WWII S&W .38 Special Victory Model (4in barrel version) with real wood grips.

Full U.S. S&W Victory markings (no visible makers name). 

Limited edition, made around 2006.   Each model has it own unique serial number for each HWS S&W .38 Special Victory made.  This one is 00187.

Includes:  Original box, original instructions. Six HWS Real Look .38s firing cartridges.  Price +20% Vat

     S&W Trade Mark and logo  :  No visible makers name (HWS) only U.S. and S&W markings
     Open Barrel : vents sparks and smoke directly out end of barrel
     Power:  7mm PFC cap
     Materials:  Heavyweight shock resistant  abs, and zinc alloy parts
     4" barrel
     Weight loaded approx: 545g
     Real Wood Grips
     Limited Edition with certificate of authenticity and serial number
     Real Look Firing Cartridges
     Field-strips like the real thing

We ship Internationally,  please ask for shipping quote :  sales@mg-props.co.uk

PFC Primer caps:  

11.00  / 8.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are needed to make the bang and smoke!

Six S&W .38 Special Real Look Dummy Bullets:    25.75 / 17.95

Real look S&W .38 Special cartridges with correct marking,  great for display with your S&W revolver

U.S. Property storage / carry case:   32.45 / 21.95

Lockable Aluminium Storage / Carry Case:   30.45 /  22.95

    Great for storing or safe transport. Foam lined and lockable.

Brief info on the WWII S&W .38 Special Victory Model

Victory model revolvers played a significant role in World War II.  Victory model was so named for the "V" prefix which was placed before the serial number and represented "Victory" against the Axis powers in World War II. The S&W Model 10 revolvers produced from 1940 to 1945and were known as the Smith & Wesson Victory Model. Huge numbers - over 570,000 - of these pistols, chambered in the .38/200 calibre already in use in the Enfield No2 MKI Revolver and the Webley MK IV Revolver, were supplied to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa under the Lend-Lease programme during WWII. The S&W Victory was also in service with US forces during WWII, chambered in the well-known and popular .38 Special cartridge. Some of these revolvers remained in service well into the 1990s with units of the US Military and US Coast Guard. Some Lend Lease S&W Victory revolvers originally chambered for the British .38/200 have been returned to the U.S. and re-chambered to fire the more-popular and more-powerful .38 Special ammunition. Victory model revolvers also participated in various roles from guard duty to riding in a shoulder holster with fighter and bomber pilots

The Victory Revolver was produced during World War II, it is a variation of the Military & Police Model of 1905, fourth change and had the following characteristics between 1942 and 1945:

Barrel: 2, 4, 5, or 6 inch. (4 inch common in .38 special, 5 inch common in 38/200 or .38 S&W)
Sights: Fixed
Finish: Early sandblast blue, sandblast mid-night black (appears grayish black). And finally a parkerized finish. Hammer and Trigger are case hardened.
Grips: Checkered walnut with medallion until early 1942, post February of 1942 they are smooth American Walnut with out medallions.

38/200 British Service Revolver (S&W Caliber) - There were over 571,629 of these models produced between October 1941 and May 1945 for the British Common wealth countries. These countries include the Union of South Africa (21,347), Canada (45,328), and Australia (8,000).  The remaining 384,100 shipped between 1941 and the end of World War II were supplied by the U.S. Army Ordnance through the lend lease program to Britain for distribution.


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