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Glock Pistols

YT Glock17 Glock18 Glock18C Glock27 Glock27s Glock27 Two Tone Glock 17 HW Glock17 Parka Glock17 Railed Frame G17 Railed G17 Gasblowback Glock27 TwoTone G27+Silencer

285 GBP  /  $350 USD  /  325 Euros

Metal Y.T Corp.



Optional Screw on metal prop silencer:  36.95 GBP  /  44.45 Euro : Sold Out

Metal screw on prop silencer


Brand new Y.T Corp. Metal:  Glock 17

Brand new Y.T Corp. metal Glock 17 :  Includes 5x 9mm blowback cartridges (reusable), box/ instructions.  Please note the real look 9mm dummy bullets are optional extras.

Fires reusable 9mm blowback cartridges and 1 shot disposable cartridges

Limited stock - be quick !

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing.
     Caliber:     9mm  blowback heavyweight cartridges - reusable  -  5  included more available : Also fires 1 shot disposable cartridges
     Weight approx: 1Kg

       Magazine Capacity:  17

     Power:  7mm cap Blowback or 1 shot disposable blank cartridge

     Open Barrel for venting

     Materials:  Metal (slide, barrel, frame)
     Firing Mode:  Semi-automatic   

We ship internationally:  Please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

Brief Information on GLOCK 17

The Glock 17 pistol first appeared at the Austrian Army trials, won it and was adopted by Austrai Army and Police in the early 1980s under the designation of P-80. Since then, the Glock 17 and its descentants become very popular military and law enforcement firearms, being exported in more than 50 countries. Currently, Glocks are chambered in all major pistol calibers, namely 9x17mm Short (.380ACP), 9x19mm Luger, .357SIG, .40SW, 10mm auto and .45ACP. Also, Glocks available in full-size service models, semi-compact models, compact models for concealed/backup carry, and in longslide competition models. Training versions, firing non-lethal practice ammo, also available.  

All Glocks (except for ones chambered in 9x17 - .380ACP) are recoil operated, locked breech pistols. Glocks feature Browning-type linkless locking system with barrel interlocking with slide via ejection port. All Glocks feature patented "Safe action" striker-fired trigger mechanism. After the each cycle of the slide the striker is set to half-cock position and is safely blocked by internal safety. When shooter pulls the trigger, he disengades the trigger safety first, then cocks the striker to the full-cock and then fires the gun. This results in constant trigger pull (ajustable from 2 to 5.5 kg) and, unlike the traditional DA or DAO pistols, unavailability of the "second strike" option in case of the misfire. All Glocks has no external controls except the trigger and the slide stop (the only different is Glock 18, which has slide mounted fire mode selector).

All Glocks feature polymer frame, steel slides made by precision moulding process and had Tenifer heat-treatment to increase rust and wear resistance. early Glocks had plain grips with slight serrations. Modern variants has finger grooves on the front strap of the grip, and ambidextrous thumb rests. Also, modern versions featured underbarrel accessory rails. Barrels has hexagonal rifling in all calibers. Both front and rear sights are dovetailed and usually had white or luminous inserts. Ajustable sights are available for competition models.


PFC Primer caps:   9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)

1 Shot 9mm disposable cartridges (blanks):   0.38p each (1 shot pre-loaded ready to fire disposable cartridge)   Great also for film, theatre or re-enactment use

Spare reusable 9mm blowback cartridges:   1.95 each  per cartridge (Cartridges are reusable, just replace the PFC primer cap)) 

Spare magazines:     19.95

9mm Double PFC Primer Cap blowback cartridges:    3.45 each (reusable / takes 2x PFC primer caps).  These are a new design / light weight. Half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more flash from the 2x PFC caps, kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge

9mm Lightweight/ Mild kick blowback cartridges:  3.20 each (reusable / takes 1x PFC primer cap).  These are a new design / light weight. Half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge over a standard cartridge.

Metal Screw on prop Silencer:  36.95 GBP     Metal screw on silencer

Eight real look / size 9mm Blowback Cartridges:    21.95

Look like real bullets with 9mm markings (great for display) but can also be fired in most 9mm model guns (uses 7mm PFC cap)

Eight real look / size 9mm Dummy Bullets:     21.95

  Look like real bullets with 9mm markings (great for display)

Ammo Box:  9mm :     8.45 Plastic container for  (real looks or blowback) Keep your ammo neatly stored :  Holds 50rds  

Tactical Leg Holster (right leg) with magazine holder:  22.95

Black Shoulder Holster:  22.95   Type 1      Type 2

Nylon Black Holster:    16.95  Black nylon hip holster

Lockable Aluminium Storage / Carry Case:    22.95

    Great for storing or safe transport. Foam lined and lockable.

Official Glock Storage Hard Case:  38.95 

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