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Thompson SMG's


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Modified Hudson:

WWII Thompson M1A1

Video of tuned Hudson M1A1


Full Auto

Burst fire



Thompson M1A1


Brand new Hudson:  WWII U.S. Army Thompson M1A1

Very rare opportunity to purchase a Brand New!! in the box Hudson WWII U.S. Army Thompson M1A1 (tuned / front venting version).

The very latest and last version made by Hudson. Now no longer produced. Superb working replica which functions, field strips exactly like the real thing!

This offer is probably available no where else so be quick as once our stock has gone there will be no more and value of these superb Thompson's can probably only go up!!

Brand new, includes: Original box/ instruction, 6x .45ACP blowback cartridges and 20rd stick magazine.

Functions, field-strips like the real thing !
Fires on semi and full auto (see videos above)

Carrier bolt can be blued (for free) if preferred.  

This is not the standard version but tuned by our team of experts (modified and tuned...works great ! !)  and vents directly out the end of the barrel (see video above).

Additional Specs over the standard Hudson Thompson M1A1

   Vents directly out the end of the barrel (see video above)
   Tuned and modified for very good and consistent full auto fire

   Stainless steel extractor claw  (standard version has softer extractor claw that can break)

   Very latest version !
  Carrier bolt can be blued free of charge

Fully constructed of metal and wood, there is no plastic whatsoever anywhere. This is one of the best Thompson M1A1 replicas you will find.

The Thompson will operate exactly like the real thing It is engineered precisely like the original, and also operates like the original in every way, such as: Side cocking handle, safety selector, selectable fire: Semi and Full auto, loading, ejection of rounds, magazine loading/ removal, locking. ect.  Internals are also copied which provides very much same fire rate and fieldstrip is exactly like the original.

On full auto fire you can give out controlled burst fire, each squeeze of the trigger will provide a burst as long as the trigger is held,  alternatively hold the trigger for full auto till the magazine is empty.   Semi Auto:  one squeeze provides one shot.  

The Hudson Thompson has the following markings:

 "Thompson Submachine Gun Caliber .45 M1A1"          "U.S. Property"         "Auto Ordnance Corporation Bridgeport Connecticut U.S.A"  

 Just like the original including same markings for the fire / safety selectors.

Weight: 4.3Kg

Construction: Metal & Wood

Operation: Blowback Cartridge

Selective Fire: Semi + Full Automatic

Magazine Capacity: 20 .45ACP blowback cartridges

Optional: 30 round magazine


20rd Magazine :     31.75 /  26.75 each

30rd Magazine :     37.65 /  32.95 each

.45ACP Blowback blank cartridges :   2.90 / 2.20  each   (cartridges are reusable)

.45ACP Lightweight/ Mild kick blowback cartridges:  3.80 / 3.20 each (reusable / takes 1x PFC primer cap). 

These are a new design / light weight. Less than half the weight a standard cartridge and internally built for maximum force giving more kickback and power from a lighter more powerful cartridge over a standard cartridge.

Reproduction Thompson M1A1 slings : 28.85 / 21.95 each  

Eight real look / size .45ACP Blowback cartridges:    28.85 / 21.95


Look like real bullets with .45 markings (great for display) but can also be fired in your .45ACP Thompson (uses 7mm PFC cap)

Eight real look / size .45ACP Dummy Bullets:     28.85 / 21.95

Look like real bullets with .45ACP markings (great for display)

Ammo Boxes:   10.75 /  8.45    

Plastic ammo container for .45ACP  (real looks or blowback).  Keep your ammo neatly stored (Holds 50rds)

Brief info on the Thompson M1A1

The model M1 is a simplified version of the 1928 A1 model and was adopted in April 1942.  The M-1 and M-1A1 updated models of the venerable Thompson were devised by Savage Arms

The M1 Thompson is the last production version of the Thompson series

This is the model that was used by Rangers through the end of WWII

This gun is very popular because of its reliability and use throughout WWII, Korea and Vietnam

Not only did US soldiers use the Thompson in Vietnam, but they encountered it as well. A number of them were made in small jungle workshops in North Vietnam. The Thompson is still in use worldwide especially with guerrilla forces.

In the United States it was used by law enforcement, most prominently by the FBI, until 1976 when it was declared obsolete.

A U.S. Marine, fighting in Okinawa, Japan, during World War II, fires a military-issue Thompson's submachine gun.

The Thompson was very popular because of its reliability and use throughout WWII, Korea and Vietnam



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