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Gas operated Grenade Launchers








M16A1 + M203  Launcher /Temp-out


XM177+M203 Launcher Gas /Temp-out


M4A1+M203 Launcher Gas /Sourced to order


M4A1 + METAL M203 `Shorty` /Sourced to order









M16A2 + Metal M203 Launcher /Sourced to order


U.S. Military M4A1 R.I.S.+M203 Launcher /To order


M4A1 ENFORCER /Sourced to order


M4A1 TERMINATOR /Sourced to order


ALL METAL Gas operated projectile firing M203 LAUNCHERS available for M16A1 / XM177E2 / M16A2 / M655 Carbine / M16A1 Carbine Long version (12in barrel) and Short (9in barrel) both available







M72 LAW Launcher /Temp-Out


RPG-7 /in-stock


M79 (Blooper) Launcher /Sold-Out


6 Shot Revolver Launcher /To order








WWII German Panzerfaust 30 /in-stock


WWII German Panzerfaust 60 /Sold


AT4 Launcher /Temp-out


CAW:  M79 Launcher /Sold



Gas operated Grenade Launcher Grenades

40mm Gas Grenades:  For M203 Launchers  / M79 `Blooper`  / M72 LAW  /  Revolver Launcher


Deepfire V1 Rocket Shower:   38.85 GBP /  43.60 Euros   Use these for firing the Rockets or Vacuity balls :    Rocket is charged using airsoft gas (not included)

Deepfire Rockets Box Set (10pcs):   18.95 GBP /  21.25 Euros   10 Paper /Board Tube Rockets. Quick and easy to assembly for firing out the AT4 or M72A2 Launcher (requires V1 Rocket Shower)

Deepfire Vacuity Balls (12pcs):   7.95 GBP /  8.95 Euros   Impact exploding 57mm Vacuity Balls. Fill with baby powder, BB's (or whatever you fancy, within reason) and contents will be sprayed out on impact!!

40mm Grenade `Slug`:   Includes one reusable warhead (rubber or foam warhead option) (MadBull make) gas charged (gas not included) 50.75 /  44.95 GBP /  $79.55 USD : Has shooting range over 50 metres!

Reusable Warheads for 40mm Grenade Slug:  Available in Rubber   7.45 /  5.75 GBP per warhead : or Foam    6.35 /  4.95 GBP per warhead

40mm Prop-Grenade / Smoke effect grenade:     4 in 1 grenade by MadBull capable of being used as a smoke effect grenade (see video below). Can also fire paint balls, BB's and nerf nades. Has 6x more gas capacity then other grenades :  59.65  /  47.95 GBP  / $93.35 USD  For smoke effect fill grenade with baby powder

40mm Shower Grenade:  Gas grenade. Fires a shower of 36 6mm BB's (not included)  :  38.25 / 32.95 each



40mm Grenade `Slug` Video



40mm smoke effect Grenade Video









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