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M60 Machine Gun


M60 (gas airsoft) made 10+ years ago.

In good condition.  The rear sight is missing,  this slides on/off and replacements can still be purchased.

Used primary as a display piece (looks great!) with 30rd belt of inert 7.62mm rounds.

Construction: Metal and abs.  (metal receiver, cocking hand, sight, bipod, flash-hider etc....)

Weight: Approx. 6 Kg with belt

Would make a great display piece...  Rambo would be proud !

Brief info the M60

The M60 was developed from two World War II-era German weapons--the MG 42 and the FG 42. The US Army adopted the M60 in the late 1950s, and it served as a general-purpose machine gun--bipod-mounted as a squad's automatic weapon, or tripod-automatic as the company support gun. The M60 fires only in automatic mode, but the cyclic rate is low enough for an inexperienced soldier to fire off single rounds. Numerous modifications were made to the M60 in the early years of its infantry service, and it was fitted to vehicles and helicopters.

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