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365 GBP  /  $450 USD  /  410 Euro SOLD


  Smith & Wesson M76

Submachine gun 9mm

m7601.jpg (15084 bytes)

Short video of the MGC M76 in action!


MGC Bondshop Custom Series :  Smith & Wesson M76 SMG.

In very good condition throughout. Made in the 1980's and appears unfired !!  One of the best we seen in a long time.  All works as it should.  Includes 20x MGC 9mm blowback cartridges (open type) in unfired condition,  36rd magazine, Original box, copy of original instructions.   Rare to find one unfired in this condition.

S&W M76 Markings as per original
36 round metal magazine
Fires on Semi and Full automatic -  open barrel for venting
Folding Metal Stock
Cocks, loads, fire, ejects exactly like the original
Construction:  Heavyweight Abs and metal parts (trigger mechanism, stock..)
Weight: Approx. 1.8Kg

We ship internationally, please ask for a shipping quote:  sales@mg-props.co.uk

PFC Primer caps:   11.00  / 9.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are what makes the bang and smoke and ejects the cartridges as seen in the videos above,

Spare 36rd magazines:     31.95 /  28.95

Spare 9mm cartridges:    2.25 / 1.95 each 

Brief Note on the Smith & Wesson M76:
Smith and Wesson marketed the M76 SMG to both the U.S. military and civilian law enforcement agencies. Limited numbers were used by Navy SEAL Teams and by other special operations forces.


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