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BabyNambu BabyNambu Dummy Nambu Type14

225 GBP  /  $290 USD  /  260 Euros


Metal Baby Nambu

Dummy Cartridge Version


Metal Marushin  BabyNambu - Dummy Cartridge Version

Very nice metal Baby Nambu.

Has small thinning / scuff mark on right side of receiver apart from that in new condition.  Could be polished to a high chrome finish.

Includes: original box, original instructions, eight real look dummy bullets, 7rd magazine.

Dummy bullets can be manually cycled...i.e chambered and manually ejected.

We ship internationally with full online tracking.  Please email with any questions or for a shipping quote :  sales@mg-props.co.uk

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing
     Caliber:  7mm
     Weight:  540g (unloaded)

       Magazine capacity:  7 + 1

     Dummy Cartridge Version:  Manually chamber and eject the dummy bullets.
     Firing Mode:  Semi automatic

Brief note on using the Baby Nambu

The Nambu Type B pistol, commonly known as the 'Baby Nambu', was a scaled down version of a military pistol designed by Major Kijiro Nambu. It was intended for sale to officers, who could purchase it either through commercial channels or via a co-operative association (the Kaikosha for the Army, Suikosha for the Navy).

The Type B (Baby) Nambu is somewhat of a rare handgun produced from 1907-1929. While it was produced to replace the Type A Nambu, the price per gun was unfortunately too expensive. Although the Type B Nambu wasn’t issued for military purposes, it was available for private purchase by a very limited number of Japanese officers. For many in the military it became a status symbol to own one. Today they are among the rarest and most desirable pistols for the Japanese military collector.

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