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XM177E2 Commandos

XM177E2 Rifles Vietnam Weapons

XM177 C.Q.B. Hit Man XM177 Tactical XM177 XM177+M203 gas XM177 Full Tactical XM177 Sniper XM177 Special Forces XM177+M203 `shorty` Scoped XM177 XM177 U.S.A.F.



 XM177E2 + M203 40mm Grenade Launcher

Gas Operated Projectile Launcher

Video of M4A1 Carbine with same gas launcher:   



Marushin Colt XM177E2 Commando with M203 Launcher (gas operated).

Includes original box, 20rd magazine,  10x  Marushin 5.56mm blowback cartridges, metal A1 barrel, original Marushin XM177 barrel, tools and instructions and one box of PFC caps (50x 7mm & 50x 5mm).  

Very nice weight and feel to it  weighing in unloaded approx. 3.4 Kilograms!  

XM177E2 is metal and M203 Launcher has metal receiver, heavyweight abs barrel and fires a plastic/ polystyrene projectile approx 50+ metres (see video above).    Top range sight also made of metal.

40mm grenade (with warhead) is charged with gas and loaded into the M203 same as you would a real M203 launcher by sliding open the barrel.  M203 has Colt makings and logo and working safety.  40mm grenade not included (please see below for purchase cost).

Why not check out the video above of the MGC M4A1+M203 (gas) in action.

   Functions, Fires,  Operates Exactly like the real thing,  field stripping this is exactly the same process as for the real XM177E2.
   Official COLT replica with full COLT AR15 Markings and logos (pre 2000).
   Metal build,  only the stock, handguard, and pistol grips are abs (like the real thing).
   Blowback Shell Ejection. ( empty a full magazine in about the same time as the real thing!! )
   Fires on Semi and Full Automatic.   
   Blowback Cartridges are reusable (just replace the PFC caps).
   Movable forward assist and telescopic stock.
   Brand new M203 Launcher gas (metal receiver, heavyweight abs barrel).

Any questions:


For full range of accessories please see here:    XM177E2 Accessories

40mm Gas Grenades

40mm Grenade `Slug`:   Includes one reusable warhead (rubber or foam warhead option) (MadBull make) gas charged (gas not included) 50.75 /  39.99 GBP /  $79.55 USD : Has shooting range over 50 metres!

Reusable Warheads for 40mm Grenade Slug:  Available in Rubber   7.45 /  5.75 GBP per warhead : or Foam    6.35 /  4.95 GBP per warhead

40mm Prop-Grenade / Smoke effect grenade:     4 in 1 grenade by MadBull capable of being used as a smoke effect grenade (see video below). Can also fire paint balls, BB's and nerf nades. Has 6x more gas capacity then other grenades :  59.65  /  46.95 GBP  / $93.35 USD  For smoke effect fill grenade with baby powder

40mm Shower Grenade:  Gas grenade. Fires a shower of 36 6mm BB's (not included)  :  38.25 / 29.95 each

    40mm Grenade `Slug` Video     40mm smoke effect Grenade Video    



















































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