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 M16A1 Assault Rifles

M16A1 Rifles Vietnam Weapons

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COLT M16A1 Assault Rifle

Self build kit version


Photos of finish rifle can be seen here :  Marushin Colt M16A1

Marushin:  COLT M16A1 is a full size 1:1 scale metal blowback replica with over 170 parts. Highly detailed and weighs about the same as the original. This is an Official COLT Recognition replica pre 2000,  not a cheap copy.  Has all correct COLT markings and is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.    No makers name, just COLT.   

This is the self build version.  Not the pre-built, modified and tuned version. For the modified/tuned built version please see here : Marushin M16A1 Tuned

Brand new boxed with easy to follow visual instructions for self-build.  Included 5x Marushin 5.56mm blowback cartridges.

This replica is engineered precisely like the original, and also operates like the original in every way, such as loading, chambering and ejection of rounds (5 included / more available), magazine loading and removal, stock aperture (for holding cleaning kit), movable forward assist, sights, semi/ full auto and safety selector. Can be field striped EXACTLY like the original. It lock, loads, cocks, fires and ejects (see video above). This is a full size 1:1 metal version. Ideal for the collector, museum or training/ instruction purposes.  Like the original also FIRES on Semi and Full auto.   See full auto video above.

There are over 170 parts with this kit, only the stock and hand grip are of  abs,  everything else is metal construction.    Like the original, the M16 can be fired either on semi or full automatic. The effect is a real simulation of the M16 in action.  The cartridges takes two PFC caps which produces the blowback action,  bang,  smoke and ejects the shell(s).  In real time this all happens very quickly and a full magazine can be discharged in the same time as the real M16. Its a fantastic effect.   Even without the PFC caps you can load, chamber manually eject a `spent` round out the ejection port. This what makes these model gun perfectly safe and legal to own without any documentation or pre authorisation.  
 Take a look at the short video clip above to see one in action.

Functions and Features:

This is a: COLT corporation official recognition model. (hence high detail). Officially endorsed by Colt.
Full size and weight all metal replica detailed just like the original.  
Weight Unloaded Approx. : 2.8 Kg
Fully field strippable, operates like the real thing. ( see above description ).Full working moving internals.
Weighs virtually the same as the real thing. Well balanced, virtually indistinguishable from the real item.
Fires on Semi and Full Auto. (just like the real thing).
20 round steel magazine (Wait till you fire on full auto with a full mag / great effect).    30rd mag & extra shells also available as option.
Bayonet can be attached as per the original.
Blowback operation. Special replica reusable shells (5 included / more available) can be loaded with a special charge/ cap. Fire the M16 on Semi or Full automatic and watch the shells fly with barrel smoke and shell ejection(s). Just like they do it in the movies, adjustable sights, working cocking handle, moveable forward assist.

Full backup service,  build advice and replacement of any parts available any time if required

Any questions please feel free to contact : sales@mg-props.co.uk

We ship internationally. Please ask for a shipping quote stating which country you are in and post/zip code.


Full Range of Spares Available

For full range of accessories please see :  M16A1 Accessories

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